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WiFi Music streaming

edited March 2015 in Ideas & Suggestions
Hello all.

I have a three part question about WiFi music streaming with Homey...

1) Is it possible for homey to play music from a NAS/spotify?
2) What would you need for homey to stream music to your speakers, or would it just be possible to a TV via chromecast?
3) I have a Pure Jongo A2 (a wifi/bluetooth music player - that is streamed music and it plays it out of it's RCAs) would homey be able to natively stream to this device, or will it need to be specifically configured?

Thanks so much, James.


  • JonJon Member
    Hi James, practically all of your questions were already asked previously by other backers (one of which being myself).
    So please make yourself useful and dig a little deeper in this forum's history ;)

    Good luck!!
  • I had a quick search but couldn't seek an answer, since then I have found answers to some questions by manually nosing around topics, although they are old answers now and could be out of date, still the question remains about the jongo though.

    Thanks for your help.
  • EmileEmile Administrator, Athom
    1. Spotify yes, NAS maybe. We're not supporting it on launch, due to too much diversity in protocols
    2. Bluetooth speakers OR speakers by a simple jack plug (3.5mm, can convert to anything)
    3. If it receives bluetooth, it's compatible with Homey
  • Ok, thanks.

    So not speakers that use WiFi for better coverage?
  • EmileEmile Administrator, Athom
    Depends on the speakers, as there's no standard protocol. If they can receive an internet radio station, you could use that as well.
  • honeyhoney Member
    edited March 2015
    Hi Emile,
    I appreciate that the software/device support development is not yet finalised but I am getting confused on this. In another post you wrote that Homey does not support DLNA. Most of the WIFI audio systems are UPnP or DLNA systems. So the wireless streaming works only with Bluetooth devices and in rare cases some WIFI devices?
    The reason why I have a Philips MCI900 it has WIFI with DLNA standard but it is able to stream spotify and receive internet radios. How will this work? How can it wake up the device without DLNA remote control?

    "by a simple jack plug (3.5mm, can convert to anything)" Does it mean that Homey has a jack socket?
  • EmileEmile Administrator, Athom
    Homey broadcasts a radio station you can tune in to, so we can transmit to every wireless speaker that can listen to radio.

    Or you just connect a jack (3.5mm) to Homey yes :)
  • JonJon Member
    Plus: homey supports Bluetooth and airplay streaming too. So you can use as well speakers that support those (plenty on the market).
  • honeyhoney Member
    Thank you Emile. DLNA is so widely used standard. Why not to support it?
    Homey has IR transmitter but it cannot have visual contact with the TV and all AV devices, etc. Even if they all would be on the same shelf (that would be a very long one) it would be next some devices and the IR receivers are usually on the front. So a WiFi DLNA remote controlling would be very useful.
    @Jonathan: I know about the Bluetooth, airplay and sonos. These have been always mentioned in connection of streaming with Homey. However many HiFi manufacturers uses Wifi due to the range and multi room solutions.
  • EmileEmile Administrator, Athom
    Just supporting dlna does not do anything on itself. We need a media source as well. So maybe we'll add this together with a NAS, which is a highly requested feature.

    I'm gonna think this out!
  • Now i am wondering. I have a Marantz receiver and a Plex mediaserver. The Marantz supports DLNA and is connected to my router (wired). My PMS has DLNA enbaled so the Marantz can stream from PMS.

    What are the possibilities with Homey in this setup?
  • For the evenings when there's nothing on tv:
  • Zo hoe I gonna connect my BT speaker To Homey
  • BT is not working yet.
  • I was also looking for the answer. Thanks for asking and thanks for answering. -- TinyTunes
  • ArchiSpecArchiSpec Member
    edited December 2017
    Emile said:
    Homey broadcasts a radio station you can tune in to, so we can transmit to every wireless speaker that can listen to radio. Or you just connect a jack (3.5mm) to Homey yes :)
    @Emile What frequency is this please? And is all audio transmitted - eg speech as well as music?
  • That was planned before Homey-release but doesn't work like that. Almost three years ago Emile made this statement. To prevent further confusion, I'm closing this...
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