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Number of devices in a flow

I made a flow to shut down everything at 00:00 hour or bij a remote.
These are a lot of hue, Klikaanklik uit, tv, onkyo, ledring etc
How manny can you switch in one flow?
I seems there is an limit, some are not switched off, even not the led ring.
Can i chek whitch are sent or what causes trouble in the flow?


  • casedacaseda Member
    I know hue (api) has a limit of 10 commands / second. 

    You could try to add a delay of a few seconds with like half the devices, this should make it more stable with large flows
  • MarcoFMarcoF Member
    You could try to create an Scene in the Hue App and use this scene in the flow.
    Its a "quick" fix and prevents using a lot of cards which is causing numerous problems in the editor.
  • cautjecautje Member
    Thx for the advice!


    Is it known how manny devices can be switch in one flow?
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