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Weather Underground unofficial Homey app (v1.0.3)



  • 36 hours I'd say. We're talking about Home Automation, not about garden and/or holiday-planning...
  • I agree.
    Now on to the next question: how to use it in Homey.
    Global tags is, for obvious reasons, not the way to go...
  • DIYglennDIYglenn Member
    edited April 2018
    Thanks you for creating this app. 
    I'm wondering how to use a "precipitation value" from WU, as I'd like to have a flow do something when it starts raining. 
  • KvMKvM Member
    edited April 2018
    I have an issue when trying to set a custom weather station. I use the pws: prefix and when I test it reports the temperature from this station. But when I save and click away from this settings page and come back, the checkbox "use homey's location" is back on...

    And yes, I used the save button :-)
  • pim555pim555 Member
    Seems like the app is not working anymore due to API restrictions on Weather Underground side.

    I continuously get "this key is not valid due to exceeding rate plan" as error message. Am using the app without any key.

  • There's an easy fix for that: get your own personal API key.

    Clearly there are a lot of people using the app without getting their own personal key, that's not something the app developer can fix nor change.
  • pim555pim555 Member
    Understand that (and still do have a free key). My point is that the app states it can work without, which with recent changes on weather underground side does not seem to be the case anymore. Just wanted to confirm that.
  • yemoHyemoH Member
    edited May 2018
    DIYglenn said:
    Thanks you for creating this app. 
    I'm wondering how to use a "precipitation value" from WU, as I'd like to have a flow do something when it starts raining. 
    In my opinion a value over 0mm indicates precipitation that slows down traffic during my morning commute. Therefore when there is a value larger than 0, my morning alarm is automatically set 15 minutes earlier. 
  • I've had a free api key for years, but since a while it just stopped working... now I know why... :-( Is there any other solution?

    It looks like WU stopped their free api key service. on their website it says now (

  • VleegeVleege Member
    @blueskypol I read it this morning after I saw message popping up since yesterday. Looks like we have to use another weather source. I favored this one also after trying OpenWeatherMap and Buienradar but I have to step back I guess
  • vandermarkvandermark Member
    edited June 2018
    I really like the app! I use it for controlling the blinds in my house.
    I have two questions:
    1. I would like to connect to specific station, based on its 'station id' from wunderground. This doesn't work? If i want to add 'IWAGENIN55' testing gives failure and i have to set location to 'use homey's location'. 
      Edit, found solution in post above; add 'pws:' as a prefix.
    2. Can you add the solar radiation (w/m2) as a parameter? I think for controlling blinds it is more direct compared to the UV-index. 
  • It seems like my data still keeps on going?
  • So API has timedout/limited the WU app so I switched to OpenWeatherMap and it's really good. 

  • RedTucan said:
    So API has timedout/limited the WU app so I switched to OpenWeatherMap and it's really good. 


    Read the entire forum post from page 1 to 11....

    First of all: great app !

    But I'm kinda new to all this, and need a little bit of help to get started.... :-(

     I have two questions:

    1. If I buy my own weather station (now looking at Ventus W830) where in the spec's is stated: "Gratis Wundergroundaccount met App" then I gues I will not have any trouble with the now stopped "free API" accounts ?

    2. If I understand correctly, I can also switch to the api of OpenWeathermap (already made an account) instead of Wundergound API ?

    Tried this but i am having trouble how to put the connection details in de WU app settings screen ? Maybe @RedTucan or another experienced user can give some more details, short manual (or screenshot) to this newbe ?

  • @RobNoot Hi, I haven't used weather station but I think your sensors report the weather stats so you can create Flows from that output data instead of WU or other weather apps if that is the case weather app is unnecessary but there is maybe more that can be done connecting to WU API. I just use simple weather flows (If its too windy - close shutters, rainy - alert if window is open...). 
  • Update: i have the answer on my own question 1:
    --> NO, setting up an Private Weather Station and uploading data to WU does not grant you the use of the API. Not even with the info of your own station !

    More info is about the policy change is here:[settings][page]=1#topic-reply-list

    Does this mean that the WU app is useless until the app has the ability to connect to the api of another site (for example ?
    Or is it possible to use the credential fields of WU in the app to connect already to another site ?

    @RedTucan ;
    Thanks for your swift answer, unfortunately the weather sensor app is not able to read my weather station, it is on a 868 frequency/protocol combi witch is not integrated yet.....
    That is why the WU app is so great: i can upload my sensor info to the WU site, and let homey use the info through the API. 
  • hploshplos Unconfirmed, Member
    Sounds like a great app. Do you have any idea when this features will be ready??
    • Trigger/condition on current weather condition (Cloudy, Raining etc)
    • Average/high/low temperature on this date

  • JonJon Member
    edited August 2018
    Hey guys, it seems that this Wunderground works quite crappy. When I use the 'Wind speed above ...' condition in my flow, it just doesn't use it correctly.
    In my Insights I see that the windspeed is e.g. 2,5 (kmph). When I say in my flow: roll out my sun screen only when the wind speed is below 2, then it uses it invertedly. So when testing the flow, it gives a red X-sign when it should give a green check sign.

    Also, it seems that the wind speed that Wunderground returns is not correct at all. There's really quite some wind today, but Wunderground really reports unreliable values for wind speed (and yes: it is giving the data for my home town...).
    So are there any other apps that are more realible to use wind speed in my flows?

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