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LED ring off

fiekfiek Member
edited May 2016 in Questions & Help
Hi all,

I made a flow to switch the LED off during the day. However there is no possibility to do that, other than setting the brightness to 0%. The only problem is that homey doesn't acknowlegde anymore when listening (orange LED). Am I missing something and is there another way? I searched the forum but didn't find anything.


  • T-mo-TT-mo-T Member

    Only issue is that the brightness will remain on that level until it's changed by another flow but you can workaround this using better logic with some global variables. I always turn the LED off when I'm going to sleep or when nobody is home. 
  • @fiek ;
    Don't turn off the brightnes to 0%, keep at least some brightnes (5 or 10%) and turn of the LED Idle mode (Screensaver)  using the HTTP Request flow cards (1.2.0) and the geeky JSON codes.
    What you are looking for is here:
  • BasPostBasPost Member
    Or just simpler, make a new flow:  
    WHEN: Homey starts listening. 
    THAN: Turn on Led Ring and second THAN: Turn off Led Ring with a timer of 30 seconds. 
    This is how In do it and works perfect
  • fiekfiek Member
    Thnx guys for your reply's
  • @BasPost ;
    That's a good simple solution, something with "multiple ways lead to Rome" and "every advantage has its disadvantage" :)
    There is no other way to change de LED Idle mode than the complex way with the Geeky HTTP Request, I like the advanced options :) you can even choose a custom "Screensaver" from an App.
  • fiekfiek Member
    edited May 2016
    I used Bas Post's method, because the http request app needs further studying from my part, because i am not a developer :smile: 
  • EmileEmile Administrator, Athom
    In 0.8.33, the LED Ring's screensaver can be chosen from the Flow Editor.
  • fiekfiek Member
    Emile said:
    In 0.8.33, the LED Ring's screensaver can be chosen from the Flow Editor.
    splendid :smile: 
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