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Please improve Forum search.

How did I come to this, well, I vaguely remembered someone wrote a How-To article about Z-Wave so I searched for How-To.

Searching for how-to, how to or “how to” produces no results!

Searching for Z-wave produces loads of results, but not the one I was looking for so I tried Z-wave devices and again did not find the post.
Next I tried “Z-wave Devices” and now the post showed up:

Possible improvements I see here:

- Hits in topic titles should outweigh hits in text
- Don't ignore text in brackets
- The double quote shouldn't be necessary to move results to the top of the list


  • PeaoPeao Member
    edited April 2016
    Ohh yes! I was about to create such a thread many times before :smiley: 
     . I like your suggestions!
    There sould also be a option to search for thread titles only, or you should prioritise this. This would also decrease the doubleposts in the forum :wink: 

  • sticky topics with how-to's  in each category could be helpfull.
  • Apparently Google is indexing Athom's forum better than it's own search engine  :'(

  • Apparently Google is indexing Athom's forum better than it's own search engine  :'(

    Yeah, but that's true for almost every site on the internet ;)
  • Agree, but the gap should not be so big...  ;)

    It is time that with so many homey's out in the field, the forum goes to the next level...
    better forum search, stickies, more sub-fora (e.g. Z-wave corner) moderation etc...

    Unfortunately, it has been suggested multiple times, but it has not focus at @Athom ;
  • EmileEmile Administrator, Athom
    We use forum software we haven't written ourselves so it's really hard to improve. We can't optimize everything unfortunately! 
  • Hmm that's to bad....
  • It's not that bad, as long as google works better. I like the vanoogle plugin: like on

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