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Hey guys,

What are the thoughts about ( Gramofon? ).

Gramofon started also started as a Kickstarter project (by Fon; ) and after being successfully funded, advertisement went through Spotify's email subscription.

I've bought a Gramafon (set as a router) a couple of weeks ago, basically to turn my Denon AVR 3805 (which doesn't support WiFi, Spotify Connect, etc) into a Spotify Connect player.

After founding out that the Gramofon performs as a better router (and accesspoint!) than my modem/router and UPC Horizon box (both provided by UPC, Internet/television/landline phone provider of the Netherlands), I've bought a second one for the bedroom to ensure a stable WiFi connection (set as accespoint).

Now I can enjoy high speed and stable WiFi trough the whole house and play music via Spotify Connect in both living room and bedroom with my iPhone as a remote.

Now here's my question; will Homey support playing Spotify trough Gramofon as a remote? And will I have the option to tell Homey to which Gramofon (Spotify Connect) he should play tracks via Spotify Connect?

Thanks :)


  • EmileEmile Administrator, Athom
    Well, we won't support it, as you ca play Spotify through Homey as well. But you or someone else is free to add support to it!
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