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Generic 'Add 433Mhz device' functionality (for my Chacon doorbel)

thayoung1thayoung1 Member
edited May 2016 in Developers
Hi guys,

I have a Chacon 84175 doorbell which I would like to connect to my Homey.
There is no Chacon App yet, so I'd like to develop one. The 433-developer-documentation isn't there yet. 

Any clues on where to start? Or do I have to wait for Athom to release the documentation / toolsuite for developing 433-apps? 


  • Same question but for a SilverCrest doorbell.

    Other questions I have is what approach Athom wants do do with this.

    A. Every random person builds there own doorbell app for his or her doorbell?
    + Light weight apps.
    - Lots of apps and lots of work for lots of people.

    B. One doorbell app that everyone commits his "not yet listed" doorbell to?
    + One doorbell app where everyone can add his doorbell.
    - Becomes a big/heavy app later on? And who takes control over this app?

    C. Athom creates a 433Mhz "record and play" tool.
    + Light weight app, no programming needed to add a completely new device nobody ever connected yet. Athom is in control of this app.
    - Athom needs to make and update this app? Don't know any real downsides.

    This last one has my biggest interest.
    Similar like the IR remote, where we simple add a new 433Mhz device and either select one from the list (type:doorbell, brand:SilverCrest, model-list:Z31370A) or press a "record button" where it records your 433Mhz signal, and you can define it as new device and let it transmit the recorded signal.

    Can someone from Athom please let is know what direction this is going to take?
  • Very nice addition. Last approach sounds good!
  • PeaoPeao Member
    Yes, I hoped that they will do that. Like the IR-Pairing-Wizard. Maybe you could change the threads subject-name to something more common.
  • Done
  • PeaoPeao Member
    Perfect, I hope that way this will get bigger attention. I would like to add my roller-shutter soon :wink: 
  • A Chacon app would be great! All my Kaku devices are from Chacon so homey can't take over from domoticz yet...
  • woeiwoei Member
    I would like a generic 433 record and play function as well. I have a pretty old school garage door with 433Mhz receiver. Would hate to convert that to somfy while Homey is perfectly capable of sending the required signal.
  • Definitely access to raw 433, IR & others signals would be great. It would also help for decoding signals and specifying words.
    Simple record and replay signal would be good enough for starters.
    Since this would be generic app, it can't have specific capabilities, so there could only be action replay signal X or Y.

    For general 433 debugging I use RTL2832U which can capture 433 signal and utilities rtl_sdr, rtl_443 and gqrx apps.
  • Generic 433 app would be great!!!
  • I believe it is asked before, but that Athom isn't planning to make a generic 433 option. For every device an app should be created.

    But it would be great to have an option somewhere in Homey, for developers, to read the raw 433 signals. Maybe Athom can make a 'options for developers' section in Homey..

    I personaly would like to add my 'Blokker' weather station to Homey.

  • EmileEmile Administrator, Athom
    I'm going to add 433/868/IR debugging tools soon, where you can capture raw signals.
  • thayoung1thayoung1 Member
    edited April 2016
    I thought somewhere down the road @Emile mentioned 433-tooling for developing Apps. I don't know if it was on this forum, on Slack or Trello. Can't seem to find it anymore. 

    Anyhow, adding such tools for making brand specific Apps solves my problem for I can develop Apps. It doesn't solve it for people who can't develop Apps.

    What about the best of both worlds; brand specific Apps AND generic 433 functionality for tech-people?
  • Emile said:
    I'm going to add 433/868/IR debugging tools soon, where you can capture raw signals.

    That would be really great :smiley: 

  • Please do! Didn't see this topic, but it's exactly what I need!
  • @thayoung1, your doorbell looks like the one I have. Mine works with the doorbell from the Action app!
  • @Taxandria  the image looks like it but unfortunately the Chacon doorbell doesn't work with the Action nor Alecto App :(. Thanks for the tip though!
  • SchederScheder Member
    A debugging tool is fine, but I would expect an actual app. A general 433 app, that would work with all devices by storing and repeating their signal if possible. 
  • Scheder said:
    A debugging tool is fine, but I would expect an actual app. A general 433 app, that would work with all devices by storing and repeating their signal if possible. 
    Once Homey apps can read raw signals, they can be repeated. Currently this is not possible.
  • Hey @Emile, any news on this one?
  • Try the action app! Worked for me for this doorbell for month. 
  • Ok, should be nice. I'll try again tonight @tim1990 and report results back here. 

    Question remains when the dev-tools for debugging / capturing signals are expected to be released (no exact date needed, just an indication).

  • @tim1990 Chacon doorbell doesn't work with the Action App. Does yours have the letters CHACON in front of the push-button casing? And what does it say when you detach it on the printplate? Mine says QH-C-CE-3V, 09.10.16, A, Quhwa, SAW
  • Mine is from Grundig but looking the same! at the inside there is QH-C-CE-3V Rev1.0 Quhwa.
  • Still no programmer but found this!

    For someone with programming skills it micht help!
  • Emile said:
    I'm going to add 433/868/IR debugging tools soon, where you can capture raw signals.
    Is this tool out yet @Emile  ?
  • +1 for chacon devices (using lots of plugs here)
  • thayoung1thayoung1 Member
    edited November 2016
    Hey @DieterKoblenz, I'm trying to make an App for my Chacon doorbell. I can capture the data via Chrome Dev Console, but when filtering the recordData I get an empty array.

    My recordData is an array with a length of 44. After 'reducing' I get the following result;

    Object {31: 1, 32: 3, 35: 1, 36: 3, 37: 1, 42: 1, 43: 1, 47: 4, 48: 1, 49: 4, 51: 3, 52: 1, 53: 3, 54: 1, 55: 4, 57: 4, 58: 1, 59: 2, 61: 2, 63: 1, 75: 1, 79: 1}

    Most occuring length is 1. So;

    var fl = 1; recordData = recordData.filter(recordEntry => recordEntry.length === fl)

    Now recordData is an empty array. 

    Any idea?
  • Length of 1 can't be right. Most occurring length of your output is 47, 49, 53, 55, 57 (there are four occrences of arrays with these lengths)... Not really a clear view of what your signal will be. I think you should try recording the signal again...
  • thayoung1thayoung1 Member
    edited November 2016
    Doesn't matter what to set for fl. 1, 2, 3 or 4 all result in an empty Array

    Edit: when putting in the array index it gives back information. But that's not what's documented (Note, you should replace %fl% with the most common length manually). After having result I get confused with defining the sof, words and eof. No solution, I'll wait for someone else to try / get it working. 
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