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Smartwares thermo-hygrometer is missing

I miss the Smartwares thermo-hygrometer in the Smartwares app, will this be added?


  • Me too! It was already in my shopping cart when I realized that it's not on the supported devices list. 
  • would be nice if this will be added. I have one connected to my homewizard, but i would like to transfer it to homey, since homewizard has to go as soon as homey is stable enough
  • Me too
  • @Emile Will this thermo-hygrometer be supported in the near future?
  • mruitermruiter Member
    Thermo, Wind, Rain and Weatherstation :) for the people that had a Homewizard.

    Specs are 866 Mhz. The smartware app only supports 433 as far as i can see. So guess this will not happen fast, but who knows whats in the pipeline.
  • I have a 433mhz wireless thermometer that I bought with my HomeWizard, so they could support this :)
    The question is when will this be added
  • mruitermruiter Member
    i dont see any on the homewizard or smartwares site thats on the 433mhz
    al state 866

  • There are two different types. The first They sold were 433mhz and later They introducé the 868mhz (with or without weatherstation)
  • @mruiter  It was one of the first that I bought from the site
  • I have both of them, I hope They can make them work
  • cautjecautje Member
    Please add these! Thx!
  • tim1990tim1990 Member
    Is there any progress? I'm still using my homewizard for this. Would like to use them with home!
  • ReflowReflow Member
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    @Emile Another spam post, above me

    Edit: spam deleted
  • Smartwares connectable smoke detectors would be nice to have in this collection.
  • SiepjeSiepje Member
    I also have them both  (433 and 868) to measure humidity and steer with a homewizard. 868 is better since it also can sent the battery value and it is communicate in 2 directions. Can't wait to add them to the Homey. Any progress on this?
  • please add and add also the Smartwares 868Mhz Watermelder SH8-WD-TR

  • Here Also missing the 868 temp / humanity sensor
  • Just got my Homey today and first thing i want to add are my simple 433 and 868 thermo / hygrometers but find out they arn't supported yet, hope they will soon...
  • Please add these! Thx!                       
  • Add them please? They are great to intergrate in some flows.
  • Please add
  • Please add this sensor so we can use it.
  • Any news on adding this Smartwares SH-WD-TR ? 
  • Request for support of new devices can be done in a Form:
    Depending on many factors (popularity, availability of API's and documentation , resources (time) needed, etc.) Athom will possibly add support cq create an App to support the requested devices.
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