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[APP] Synology Surveillance Station for Homey



  • Cool just worked out how to install, this from the athom cli. I have now connected to the NAS and added both front and back cameras. Just need to add some flows to test them. I will leave this till tomorrow as I don't really have any triggers for these flows yet. Need to think of something that would be useful. I can always use voice just to test but would really like to add some kind of movement detection. I don't know if this is available via the Synology surveillance station API?
  • Haven't looked into that yet. However please let me know if both the cameras work correctly, I only have one so couldn't test that :) 
  • Great idea to support Surveillance Station.

  • Great work @jorden !

    A possible trigger for snapshots could be: Doorbel is pressed -> take snapshot -> send snapshot to Homey app on phone.
  • Great Job!  +1
  • Wow this is really awesome! At this moment I have my camera's recording 24/7 but with this App I think it will be possible to start recording only when not at home, or when we're asleep.

    I've configured surveillance station to send email with snapshot on motion, so when we're out working in the garden for example we receive a lot of snapshots haha.

    Really appreciate the effort you're putting into this :smile: 
  • @jorden

    Just tried this with a flow to take a snapshot and record on the front cam and another flow for the back cam and finally a flow for both cams together all work flawlessly. So this is a great start and multiple cameras are not an issue
  • I just managed to send out my first mail containing a snapshot :) Am now going to make that 'dynamic' so you can fill in your own SMTP settings, as well as the receiver :)
  • I just bought a camera for my synology so I can keep up with your developments  :)
  • Snapshot via email-function now works, in version 0.0.4

    (still only on github for manual installation, not via the app store yet)
  • Only available with 0.8.30 aye?
  • I downloaded the app to do some testing, the app does not seem to save the mail settings I put in the settings screen. Don't know if you changed something in the code after you tested it, or it's just my Homey who doesn't want to cooperate ;-)
  • I am not sure if the node modules I used, work on the older versions. You can try by editing app.json and change 0.8.30 to whatever version you are on. 

    @RobertLijkendijk did you download after 20:00? Before that it didn't work, after that it should (but of course it is possible I made a mistake in the code) 
  • edited April 2016
    @Jorden  ; I have rebooted my Homey and tried again, it does work now. Quite an impressive sight to see the debugging window going al crazy with the (for the eye) random characters ;-).

    Does the synology / surveillance station API allow you to use the motion from the surveillance station motion detection as a flow trigger within Homey?

    Edit: the reason why I ask: Perhaps I could switch on my outside lightning when the camera's detect motion :smiley: 

  • Edit: the reason why I ask: Perhaps I could switch on my outside lightning when the camera's detect motion :smiley: 
    LOL, I can help you with that:
  • Changed the app.json to 0.8.29 and that works.
    Cannot save mail settings tho, downloaded the latest version 10 minutes ago.
  • Haha nice one. Sure i know about these devices but what's the fun in that? :wink: Let Homey react to motion detected by your camera's just give you some extra things to do, and there is much more room for creativity then when you are using those devices haha.
  • @Rocodamelshe that's strange. Will have a look at it later when I have some time. I had some struggles with the settings page (first time I did that), but in the end it worked for me. But I have an idea what might be the problem so expect a fix later today (it's just one line of code I have to add).

    About the motion detection that is done by Surveillance Station: Is this something an IP-camera must support, or is that done by Surveillance Station? I am guessing it's done by the camera, but mine does not support it which makes it kinda hard to test.
    But ofcourse I can try to make a first setup of that. Even though the documentation is not perfect, it does explain a lot correctly.
  • PeaoPeao Member
    edited April 2016
    As far as I remember you had the possibility to choose at the Surveillance Station if you would like to have the motion detection by your camera or by your SS.

    Dunno if this helps, here is a link to the web api, which includes the motion detection:

    BTW: Thank you very much for your development! This leads homey into a direction where I thought it would only be possible in more than a year or so :smile: 

  • Yeah I actually had the setup for 2 years but never used it before... I did have a setup where my Synology would make a screenshot every minute via cron and then sync it to Dropbox, but that wasn't so useful. So I really love this setup myself :)

    If I have time this afternoon I'll try to look into the motion detection stuff as well.
  • @Rocodamelshe do you get an error in the console log? I just tested on a 'fresh' install and it seems to work well when I enter the mail settings...
  • Just had an extensive look into the Action Rules. It is not possible to set a trigger into Surveillance Station, so it triggers Homey.
    Only way to do is 'polling' which is not something I like (Homey will constantly try to 'bug' the NAS to see if anything happens - which means, 'high' load on Homey / NAS / network).

    I will see if I can make a conditions "Is camera recording?". Not sure what else I can do :)
  • @jorden  Surveillance station offers the possibility to do Motion Detection in case your camera does not support it. It does cost some CPU performance for the NAS i think because the software is busy with the video stream to detect motion. But Synology made some nice settings for the motion detection, like the motion detection area, the sensitivity and so on.

    But I do not have any knowledge about their API's or Action Rules so cannot really help you with that :neutral: 
  • jordenjorden Member
    edited April 2016
    Just released the new version, marked as '1.0.0' since it seems to be stable and I don't know what else I can add anymore ;)

    Added 2 "condition" cards, 'is available' and 'is recording'.

    I specifically love this:

  • And it already got published in the app store :)
  • jorden said:
    Just released the new version, marked as '1.0.0' since it seems to be stable and I don't know what else I can add anymore ;)

    Added 2 "condition" cards, 'is available' and 'is recording'.

    I specifically love this:

    Great! Are u going to push it to the app-store?
  • @keverjeroen It has just been approved, 2 minutes ago :)
  • Great work!
  • JonJon Member
    Cool @Jorden! One question I got immediately: how do I save the Synology settings when I try to add 'Surveillance station' as a device? It doesn't do anything after hitting 'save data' (i am still on firmware .29, is that a problem)?

  • @Jon ; Do you get an error in your console log? (CTRL+Alt+J  in Windows Chrome I think, cmd+alt+J in Mac Chrome)

    It should, in a few seconds, continue to the next screen where you can select your devices.
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