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Flow, dim lights slowly

Hi All,

I didn't found this yet.
Is it possible to, when there is movement, to set the lights (philips hue) to 100%.
After the movement is gone. Dim the lights to 0%, so, 99,98,97,96, ...

Anone has an idea how to accomplish this? 



  • aloftaloft Member
    I think the only way possible right now is manually set the dim levels with a delay in  your movement-gone-flow.

    So first action card: 99 % dim. Then a second action card, with a second delay 98 %, then a third action acrd, with 2 second delay 97 % etc .

    You might want to make bigger steps per action card e.g. 5 % 

    And that for every bulb you need this for...

    Or submit a feature request for the Philips Hue App, that will do a gradual dim (and the other way around). I think it is a great feature.

  • woeiwoei Member
    I would like to use the same feature when turning the bulb's on. In order to create a wake-up light. I would also like to color shift. Start with deep red on say 30% and scale up to light yellow on 100% in say 30 minutes or so.
  • DD Member
    I think for Hue you could use the HTTP-app and set a high transitiontime through the API.
    Haven't tried this myself though.
  • EmileEmile Administrator, Athom
    Yes, this is going to be introduced soon :)
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