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  • Does anyone know, where I can get a homey without waiting a few weeks?' I doesn't understand the Dutch description on the links. Best regards 
  • Here another person who build his own frame for his tablets, to control his smart home.  Its in my main language German, but there a a lot of good pictures, witch show the process of his project.  I hope that its ok, that I'll post this link here. …
  • I'm also very interested on an external display. There are a lot of cheap android tablet for 40-80€ Does someone of you have an idea, that the display automatically wake up if you stand in front of it? i think it's kind of unpractical if you always…
  • Great thanks 
  • Hey guys,  I'm also very interested on your product and the iOS app.  Are there any plans to release a Apple Watch app, in terms of the iOS app? Or maybe later a Apple TV App? another question: what about HomeKit Support?  I'm using a lot of apple …