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  • I have defined an varable, named old-temp and i use the temp change of a device to check for $old-temp$+5>#temp  in all cases set old-temp=#temp. But i want to log old-temp first into simple log.  And there is no tag old-temp ( better logic varab…
  • Can't find it, simple question:  How can I print a value to Simple Log or speak the Better logic variable content (a number) in a Than action?
  • Release notes of 1.5.11 ?  can they found somewhere? Found it:
  • * Open the DoorBird smartphone app, go to the administration area and select the '3D motion sensor settings' option * Set the pause between alarm option to your preference (during the period no new events will be send to Homey) * After that select t…
  • glijie said: just change location to auto and manually again and reboot your homey.. it has helped many users in the past with time issues Thanks, this helps.
  • Ok, non of the toggle switches are working for me   Levono tablet with Android 7.1 and Chrome browser. In devices the devices do work. The dim widget is working for me with an Qubino dimmer, toggle is not working for Qubino dim and Neo Coolcam pow…
  • Yes it is, I did set it manually (in the past). And sunset is right on time, no offset in time.
  • No, how silly, internal homey works with UTC (GMT) time. I create an alarm and a flow to speak the time.  It's now 20:45 but the alarm must be set at 18:45  that's GMT without summertime, and I am in CET+summertime (Europe/Amsterdam). If I look in…
  • If I test the flow, then it works.
  • I have an Neo Coolcam Power plug, I can switch it on and of with flows and in using devices. If I create a toggle switch on the dashboard, it does not switch the power plug on/off?
  • I don't understand something,  I have 2 flows based on time, the first one works and the second one not. This one works, at sunset check if qubino is off, if yes, then turn on. This one does not work, at 23.00 check if qubino is on, yes? then tur…
  • I miss the watersensor devices in the list I can choose from.
  • WIndows 10 Pro:   only with IE11 I have the same problem.  With Edge is everything working fine
  • Have three IKEA light bulbs, only one is still working (close within a few meters of Homey). The thirth one removed and tried to attach again, fails. Restarted the homey, same result.  Z-Wave devices are still there and working.
  • user/passwd are correct. And I am not switching back to http.  I realize after analysing my needs, that the flow actions I need are already in place in Surveillance Station itself and that works good enough for me. (only get e-mails with pictures f…
  • I tried to add the Synology NAS to the Homey, but get not futher than first form. Did all of the below * Make sure to add a user that doesn't require 2 factor authentication. * Add the user to the 'administrators' group, because of the required p…
  • Edit and delete of button, just press above the button, then it works for me. Power, I have an LS120, can select it, but in dashboard no data is displayed. Device recognised, but not able to read data from homey?
  • I have the youless LS120 with P1 and no data received by Homey. Errors in log. But i have password set. Adding device with password was fine. Only in a webbrowser I cannot access the youless anymore, I fill in the password and get the password scr…