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  • Hi No 433 sensors are showing up in my list. My neighbourhood(and myself) haave quite a few of these sensors, and they show up in my Domotizc/Rfxcom setup...but not in my Homey.  (Just to check the 433 receiver...I have been able to easily add a 43…
  • Problem solved...I had to restart the Doorbird. So I guess that the standard IT Service Desk question "have you restarted the device" is highly valid!!! Anyway, thanks for a great app!
  • Thanks for quick response! I´ll keep trying following the instructions. When pressing the "key symbol button" in the Doorbird app a message shows up telling me that the relay is triggered. I have also configured the "administration > relays >…
  • I´d like to make the "Relay trigger" button in the Doorbird-app trigger a flow in the Homey. Apparently this should be easy, but I cannot make it work. Is there a bug, or just me not able to follow the instructions?