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  • Hi Remco, My compliments. SP3S, SP2 (3) and the RM2 Pro Plus the Homey recognize all as devices. I tested the on and off button of the SP2 (3) and it works perfectly in the Homey app except when I make a flow in homey and when I'm going to t…
  • Hi Remco When I added the rm Pro device for the first time in the app he recognized it now I want to add it again in the new version and i got the message shows" another device: RM2 PRO PLUS (10026)" As you know  i tried the sp2 for the sp3 and th…
  • see the discussion "broadlink support"
  • Hi Remco, Super
  • Hi Remco, I also tried the device SP2 for the SP3S but that doesn't work.
  • hi there Is it correct that the rm Pro Plus in homey (as i can see) only one device can be added with 30 commands (or do i see it wrong) I have configured multiple devices in the eControl and i want to try adding them all in Homey. If i have …
  • Hi Remco Thanks for your reaction.
  • Hi Remko, So i told you that i have the socket SP2 used for my SP3 socket and it's works. I have many sockets SP3 and when i in the Homey app turn it on and off they working perfect but when i create a flow for one SP3 sometimes all go on and so…
  • Hi Remko, Also i tried the SP2 for the SP3 and it's work. On the PC software when i put the button on and off it's works perfectly except when i go to the athom homey app on my phone and i pressed on the button "on" it's work and when i pressed …
  • Just i restart the broadlink app and now i didn't got the message. But with the learn button rf i didn't get reaction
  •  I have tried it with the rf signals but it doesn"t work. After that i deleted the device and i install it again. After that i went to the athom homey app and go to the broadlink device. I open it where i can learn the ir command. I press on the but…
  • Hi Remko, That's great. Thanks man.I have already connect the RM PLO plus and it's connect perfect but i have to try out the rf signals or they are working. Have you also a solution for the socket sp3? Thanks again
  • Hello there, Great!! I hope Remko you will find also a solution for the SP1 SP3 and RM PRo.
  • RemkoW said: just to let you know, there now is an app for Homey which supports the RM mini :-) Perfect and good work. But there also coming supports for the devices of Broadlink SP1 and SP3 and RM Pro.