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  • @yhaugom  Nice work you have put in this. Are there any plans on adding support for the plug-in switch Mini (TZWP-102) It just comes up as a unknown device. --->
  • If someone sees this and are having similar problems, I managed to install the Aeotec app direct via Github. so my Homey  now has the 1.6.5 version of the app. The watersensor it working like a charm now. I followed this guide on the forum: ht…
  • Interesting reading and very nice looking switches, hope they won't be to hefty priced. Althoug I'm planing on putting up a few new switches, the main thing is that i want to keep my orginal ones. That reason seems legit, and I like that funktion …
  • Hi, i´m new to the forum and to the fun of home automation. I have a problem/question that you folks might be able to help me with. I have an dsb45 water sensor and I am on the latest Aeotec v1.6.4, but there seems to be an issue with the sensor. I…