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  • MatsB said: Hi! I'd love to be able to use the SoundTouch speaker(s) as output for the voice from Homey too. Right now the only speaker I can chose is the internal Homey speaker but this is "not very loud" :-). I would prefer not to use a cable…
  • bvb said: Hi, I can not add my soundtouch... I have installed the app with the latest version, but when I enter the IP address of my speaker/s then there happens nothing, when I press the save button. Looks like the button does not work. Any id…
  • SanderVlotman said: I have a different question and that relates to the beta spotify connect app. I have looked into it, and it is something that I want to use aswell so I can use my my speakers more freely instead of only the presets. S…
  • App updated to v1.1.0, see OP for feature changes/bug fixes.
  • @Tiyrell First request is if you could implement a card where we can send the "Power" command and it will toggle the standby state. Is being worked on. @jacquesvzijp Of course I have some wishes as well, select bluetooth Is al…
  • Thank you @Tiyrell ! I'm glad you like it so far. For your first request, I'm looking into that. I didn't add that functionality in because I mainly just pause my speakers and after a while they turn themself off. For your second request, you are …
  • @TedTolboom thank you! I have created my own topic which can be found here: Please post feature requests in the according topic since I won't be monitoring this thread any longer.
  • Well, this is my first post on this forum, but probably not my last one. I have followed this thread even before I purchased Homey since my main sound system was Bose Soundtouch. I knew once I bought Homey that it was possible to control these devi…