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  • if I understand your question correctly, you can do that with the Homey Logger app. That only works for diagnostic purposes in realtime, but it gives an idea on device update frequencies
  • Presence detection on iPhones has been unreliable for me in different domotica systems. Homey's detection is not better for that matter. Apple switches off the phones to preserve battery power, so wifi, BT or ARP detection, etc. don't work reliably.…
  • Great, thank you for developing this. I was looking for a working app. Glad to see you got it working within the beta status of Homey's BT. I will wait for the beta of the app
  • That worked. Thank you! If we could choose directly that could save some flows. Is there a speed or stability reason to be economical with the number of flows? Working with the SETS and STATE CONTROL apps quickly creates multiple small flows to per…
  • The Mi Flora app worked for me when it was not crashed. It transmitted all sensor data. It recorded in the Insights. The Mi Flora needs to be quite close to Homey. I know that 8 m distance without walls works well, 15 m with two walls disconnects th…