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  • RamonBaas said: I would propose to submit a change request with Athom to fix this in Insights. E.g. a user could set that for a certain measurement only 1 in 5/10/... changes the average or max is stored. I agree this is the appropriate …
  • Hello. Do others also experience excessive logging when using the nlrb/nl.dsmr.p1 app? If I don't disable logging for the energy meter variable, it completely fills up my storage in just a couple of months time. Parsing these measurements also usual…
  • I use an 'einzelganger' way of automating the bathroom and toilet visits. I have motion sensors in all my rooms/hallways (yes, even on the toilet). Homey always knows the room in which the motion sensors, door contacts and switches last triggered (l…
  • MrDutchfighter said: Yes, some API's are removed because they aren't supported by the API provider anymore (Afvalwijzer I thought it was). Still have to find a work-around to empty the settings before the (non-existing) API is called. I think …