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  • Aard said: Another question: I've created the dashboard on my macbook. Now I enter the URL on the iPad and have a empty dashboard. Is this how it should behave? Yes, it is. Your dashboard is saved in local storage. This means you need to…
  • I've been trying for a while now, without any success. Let's hope they are currently working on a decent workflow to register web apps.
  • konradwalsh said: Can I recommend that Athom provide an exit strategy for Experimental Users. Periodically, you will merge all stable and experimental versions at a key milestone. Then alert the user that they have the option to revert to the s…
  • Product Type ID and Product ID are similar to your current TZ67-PLUS driver config ( Anyhow, I will patiently await your update (I could create a pull request if you li…
  • Is there anything new compared to the driver you already have in your app? Seems like it's just the manufacturer's ID that has changed (which seems odd to me, does this happen a lot in this zwave scene? - I'm a newbie). Really hope you can push this…
  • I bought two wall dimmers (TZ67G, Z-Wave Plus) but they show up as generic devices. Here are the device details: Could you add this device to your app?