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  • Jag hade ett liknade problem och fick detta tipset.
  • Thank you very much this was a good solution. I need a tip where I find "Math.js". And how do you create a global variable?
  • cbh said: A possible solution to the question here, but posted here, as it's flows that are working :-) I have some lights that I would like to turn on when it's getting dark if someone are at home - but not if the house is empty. Further, I w…
  • cbh said: Maybe you should flip the logic in your plan? The flow is triggered by changes in the sensors value - but what if you rephrase the "question": Within a certain time interval - if it is dark - then the lights should be turned on? Then…
  • Thank you for your reply in another thread @bvdbos. The goal is to solve it with as few flows as possible and not to use atronomic clock without the light sensor. I have understood that my previous flows created a lot of traffic on the Zwawe network…
  • caseda said: Funny, only looking at the wakeup settings if the power is connected. 1. When power is connected it won't use the wakeup time anymore for anything it sends. 2. Check the other settings, already see a light threshold of 100 lux, so…
  • No, that did not help. I need a better feature in homey. I may leave a "ideas & suggestions"
  • Rocodamelshe said: Now that's gonna eat some battery!! On external power
  • Oy1974 said: Did you look at your settings of the multisensor?? you can make some changes to it. Is the sensor working correctly? Also take a look into the insights... there you can see how its behave and when is sending  the luminace. …
  • glijie said: The flow should work just fine. Maybe change the time to " between 06:00  and 22:00 hours."  or " when it is not sunset. No need to delete the luminance card. But with this flow the lights are always turning on/off also when it is…
  • Oy1974 said: Ofcourse the luminace doesn`t change when its completly dark   So you want when luminance is less then 666 and its not between 22:00 and 06:00 hours to switch the plug on, else turn off?? Delete the "luminace changed" card in the…