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  • How about using the Fibaro RGBW module? it works with 12V.
  • You can Switch the whole UPS function (for 12V and USB outlet) on and off by an button on top of the powerbank. Once on it powers the connected device without any interruption when the main power is disconnected. Regards, Oliver
  • Hi all, just to let you know my final Setup: I am using this to backup my router (FritzBox) and Homey at the same time: So far it works pefect and I just ordered a second on…
  • "Alexa only supports, thermostats, powerplugs, lights for now but ..." This is not true. Echo also Support roller shutters like the Fibaro one or the Philio PAN08. I have These devices still running with my ZipaBox and I controll all of them withou…
  • OK - the "Homey" Problem can be solved by using a power bank. One has to find the right one - due to the Internet the function required is called "pass through". Coming to the second topic: If the power is down the router will be down too. In the p…
  • @danone: Thanks a lot!! Think this topic is interesting enought that Athom should think about a battery / Internet backup as well. Maybe  as a recommendation of existing products or by offering a dedicated add-on for Homey.
  • Same for me. Many thanks!
  • Just as an Information. Since two years I am using three RGBW controllers to directly controll the 12V and 24V magnetic valves of my garden watering system without any issues. Of course the Input has to be 12V or 24V depending on the valves used. …
  • Hi, I am working on getting the Philio PAN08 supported by the App. Unfortunately I am absolutely a newbie in Java scripts, but I did some "logical" changes based on the Fibaro FGRM-222 Driver. The App developer hasn't much time to Support me, but …
  • Initiated by this Topic I have also tried to get uesed to the 433 Generator. Unfortuately I am also stuck in this. One question. If I use the developer Tools, then signals and 433 recording, does this give me the same values as using the 433 Genera…
  • I also have a couple of these Switches - two of them are included to Homey. The others are still at the old Gateway. For ex- and inclusion you have to bring homey as close as possible to the switch. For me it only worked when Homey was just byside,…
    in TZ66D Comment by Drops December 2017
  • Thanks. I will have a look at it on the Weekend.
  • @robertklep: please Keep us updated about the Status of your App. I am keen to test it ...... Many thanks for your work!
  • Any update on this? I also have some sonoff devices and they are working great. Would be a huge benefit to get These supported by Homey.
  • I already made a request on the app page. Just wondering how all the others are controlling their blinds as there are only a few Z-wave devices. Unfortunately in my setup 8 out of 9 are the Philio ones. 
  • Fixed it! The trick was to reset the sensor again and to include it 10cm from Homey and let it stay there for a couple of minutes. Same for the Philio devices which additional need adjustments on the settings. Bad thing was I had to demount all sens…
  • Just checked flow card and I can select the contact alarm card. But there is still an issue. I have two devices in my living room, one shows the contact alarm on the card, the other not. I have made a reset on both. Distance to Homey is nearly the s…
  • Thanks - again learned something. I have checked the cards and all function are OK. Strange, but prefer it this way. So it seems to be more a flow issue I have to check.
  • Hi, thanks for quick feedback. As I am quite new to Homey - where do I find the mobile card of the device? I just noticed in the flow manager that there is no contact alarm card I can choose. Thanks for your help!
  • Sorry for my late response. I have now purchased a Homey.  I will try to change from the Zipabox to Homey  step by step.
  • Hi there, no one out there who did the Switch an can Report .... ? Regards, Oliver