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  • @caseda Superb, this works like a charm. Thanks!  Just for the record for others if they are searching: It is easy to connect a second/another Hue bridge to Homey. Homey detects it automatically and shows it directly in the dialog when you add a L…
  • Does the app allow for two Hue Bridges? I cannot find an option to add another bridge. I've filled up the first with lights, accessories and routines. I'm considering buying a second bridge. Even after the bridge is not needed anymore I think I'll s…
  • This should work. I've done something si milar (but in the kitchen though) with a Zwave me Wallc-2 ( I wanted to keep al wall switches the same look. Instead of using a Fibaro switch I have use…
  • I don't know if this is related to 1.5.0 or because I'm new, but none of the Telephone cards will list any device in the dropdown in the IF and AND colums of the Flow editor. Cards in the THAN column will show my android devices as expected.