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  • @TedTolboom perfect! I missed it
  • This is the library I guess they are using: I´ve not published anything, just have a local version I´ve been testing with since about a year ago. My version was downloaded in sept/oct last year I think, an…
  • I've been experimenting with xiaomi devices with same chip, firmware and library as i think homey use internally. I got all of them (pir, temp, door and switch) to work with slight modifications to the zigbee js library back then, and the switch I p…
  • Cant read dutch, but I've been experimenting with the same chip, firmware and library i think homey is using internally (why I just bought a homey), and by pairing a lutron remote first it was possible using this remote to pair other devices. Not su…
    in Philips hue Comment by geir August 2017
  • tried with a hue bulb, no noticable lag. I guess the other bulb was the problem. 
  • I thought zigbee lightlink was more of a superset to zigbee ha, but limited to specific channels (11,15,20,25 for lightlink, 11 to 26? for ha). And that the commands for controlling on/off/dim/color etc is actually zigbee ha (using ha clusters). If …
    in Philips hue Comment by geir August 2017