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  • Can anyone please help me with this Better logic Flip thing to trigger a flow from Homeydash? I cannot find the Bitflip in Homeydash! I am working in the beta version of Homeydash and did the following: 1. I made a variable Boolean. 2. I made a Bi…
  • I still don't get this. Doesn't Homey sync the scenes you created with Hue? I made a few scenes in the Hue app. They sync through my other devices Ipad and Android. That works. But when I want to trigger a scene from Homey, they are not available. I…
  • Ok, I still don't get it with the scenes in Homey. I have Hue running with a lot of bulbs etc. I make scenes in the iphone app. They appear in my Ipad and the android device from my wife as well. But they do not appear in the drop down scene selecto…
  • Hi Emile, does this mean that after a crash you can assist restoring the back-up to my homey from your server? As a workaround till the restore function is implemented. I have already put a lot of time in configurating my homey. It would be a lot of…