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  • Hi, I'm probably just being stupid but I have three times tried to "sign up" for the iphone app beta through the web page, I keep entering my slack username and then checking slack nothing seems to happen - could anyone help me by explaining how you…
  • Are there any plans to include support for the lightwaverf link events as an intermediate controller?  I have a number of events programmed into the link which I would like to trigger from Homey flows.  I have tried recreating them in homey but the …
  • Haha, thanks guys, as a Doctor myself I wont be opting the optional medical emergency hologram upgrade.
  • My homey arrived yesterday, I'm a happy man.  Looks like the shipments are on target.
  • So, Emile, after you updated it on July 8th to say "order within 7 days for shipping on 18th July", I ordered that day and expected to receive shipment.  I have had no notification of shipment. I emailed yesterday and got no response to my query.   …