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  • @bvdbos thanks for the colored sheet.  For those reading this thread I've created an extended explanation and added more colors to the sheet ;-) Words should be defined as small as possible without increasing the amount of needed words. Aka: You …
  • Created my own bot, got the "Homey is succesvol aan de Telegram chat gekoppeld" message at the bot's channel...but that's all. Did I miss a step or a forum post explaining what's going on? Using the general HomeyBot works know...privacy....
  • But soon we will have feature X, Y and Z. Emile said so. I do wonder though what would have happened when Gmail had trashed all accounts after 2 years. After all, it was years and years in 'beta'. Some guys here think that it's a good excuse for no…
  • So I added the Samsung remote. The TV switched on/off when the Homey heard 'TV'. Excitement all over the place! Next stop: The cable box so I could actually see a channel. Took me 20 minutes to add all the buttons from the remote. Added a flow whic…