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  • Hi, I had the problem that even normal Sonos commands (Play) wouldn't work. It seems that if I unpair my boxes (had them connected as a pair to get stereo sound), it works again.... Not a fine solution. Don't think this will solve the ongoing playl…
  • OK, will try that. :-( Didn't work... Created a new account with all Capitols. That worked...  Don't know why and IF that is the solution though
  • Hi there, I am puzzled. I downloaded the app. I registered at and I can login there. I allready also dowloaded the tracker app on my phone however... .... if I want to fill in my user data (login and password) in Homey, and I choose …
  • Hi There, apart from some problems concerning 'schemas upnp org' (other item in this forum, I have a somewhat related request. Can you please add the function "Leeg wachtrij". Otherwise If I select 1 song, Homey continues with songs which are still…
  • Hi there, I am experiencing the same problem. I only have 1 accespoint. I have 'wired' one Sonos box to the Sonos Bridge, thus making an own Sonos network.... Are there any other solutions? Someone @ Athom? Maybe this is something to fix? I can no…