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  • mglat said: Dimmer2 Fibaro devices not recognized  with 0.9.1 and added as basic device. BIG bummer. Most of my Zwave devices are type dimmer2 Relais switch (2x1) give same. I have the same problem! It's just weird that they mention…
    in Homey v0.9.1 Comment by djefmo July 2016
  • ericjanvanputten said: So 9 days since last post - any updates/experiences? Still no insights on Z-wave devices on my end... 
  • Reemster said: honey said: The 0.8.30 supposed to fix this. Did anyone had a luck with this? i can add them, but homey don't response when the motion sensor detect motion. Or the Generic Alarm stays On, and never reset.. have no…
  • The range is indeed very very poor.. I hope this will improve anytime soon.. 
  • richardver said: Hi all, I have received my Homey last week and so far I am moderately positive. I already had some KaKu devices which I have connected to my Homey. I'm new to Z-wave however, so I bought a Fibaro Wall plug this week. This work…
  • Works as a charm for my Denon AVR-X2200W, thanks! I can switch on the device -> set volume -> switch to favorites and play them!  The only problem that occurs occasionally is that the Marantz app sometimes disappears from my flow. Adding the …