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  • If someone else got this problem: Emile advised me to switch off or remove some apps. And after I removed 3 apps it worked and I could update my homey.
  • I want to upgrade from 0.8.34 to 0 8.39 or 0.9.1 but both won't work because of this error message? What to do? I,ve already restarted my homey a couple of times. 
  • Sunrise en sunset is also my problem when does it go to work??
    in 0.8.32 Comment by martinudo May 2016
  • I have a lot KAKU double wall switches in my home. Type nr. AWST-8802 If i wanna learn this switch in homey, homey doesn't recieve any signal from the switch? Why? I already asked bij the apps page but als there no satisfaction answer.
  • i use sunrise and sunset to open the blinds but by it's here also not working!
  • Now it's only possible to start al flow with 1 trigger. It woud be nice to have more thans 1. Like a button  from a Wall switch  and aan button from a remote. Now in have tot make 2 flows.