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  • Als je in een variabele de huidige tijd op slaat (epoch) en je check of de huidige tijd minus de variabele tijd groter is dan waarde X (je countdown) ben je er toch ook of vergis ik me nu?
  • @Veldkornet no it did not say anything, but within homey step 7 (register) and step 8 were gone I did not add it in a group and tried it several times..  Just removed the bot settings again and added it another time.. and now magically it works...…
  • @Veldkornet Just dit a fresh reinstall of homey, removed the previous bot in telegram Then I created a new bot and registered the bot with the /register command. But after that the bot doesn't respond to ping and within homey telegram settings the…
  • @OpenMind_NL that would already be endless more than the app from Tado, since that lacks such info
  • @OpenMind_NL many thanks! Like phil_s battery status is also high at my wishlist but I don't know of this is possible to get this info via the API. 
  • Any news for this app ?
  • @techerman, I use both (20+ zwave devices and 7 tado devices) across the house without any problem.
  • @glijie, thanks for you version. I was already researching into that direction but I didn’t got it right and found it a bit complex. But since nobody else has a simpler solution, it seems to be the way to go. I’ll try to build it like your example …
  • great!, hope you can add the smoke detector capability soon ;-)
  • Unfortunately, the app crashes (randomly?) at my homey. is this a known issue? This is the stack trace: /node_modules/has-node/src/characteristic.js:79             throw new Error('Invalid Value: ' + value.toString());                     …
  • Great, this was where I was waiting for  is it possible to add the smoke detectors as well? and is it possible to add the netatmo devices as well or are those deviceclasses not supported yet?
  • If it's an app developed by an external developer, does athom still have to paynfor MFI?
  • Apple opens up HomeKit development with software authentication & looser licensing New possibilities ? homekit doesn't require a chip anymore....
  • app still crashes (Cannot read property 'celsius' of null) , opened a github ticket : hope you're able to fix it
  • Bds 7773w over here.. with iPhone app and Bluetooth and AirPlay. interested in the app as well
  • only appletv or is airport also supported ? if not, is this on the roadmap or can I help with that ?
  • @keverjeroen  thanks for the tip but from the fibaro door sensor manual : --- Parameter no. 13 Sending an alarm or control frame (for IN input, depending on parameter no.5 value), and TMP button alarm fram…
  • Does anyone know if a repeater also repeats broadcast frames?
  • If so you can indeed use a tablet for the fancy interface, statistics etc which will have bugs which will probably be fixed through a app update. the thermostat firmware itself is less likely to be updated so IMHO that should only do core thermostat…
  • You might also look for tado. can also do multi zone, has a homey app, geofence, does also support HomeKit and you can find a 10% discount at forum. only downside is that their overwhelmed at blackfriday when they had a 20% discount so …
  • Other workaround is multiply by 60? 
  • @caseda  it's the non zwave-plus version. (Those where you fixed the driver for me ;-))
  • My mesh is working fine, homey is downstairs and in the attic (with 2 concrete floors in between) the fibaro relayswitches are responding quick. I have to add that in between there are multiple non-battery z-wave devices which function as relay. The…
  • @posthok , Nope there was a setting wrong in the device settings (automatisch uit relais)    
  • blusser said: Is it just me or the added timer delay in a flow (still) not working ? seems to be related to this bug which should be fixed : Can anyone confirm? it seems to be just me  an…
  • Is it just me or the added timer delay in a flow (still) not working ? seems to be related to this bug which should be fixed : Can anyone confirm?
  • Some old post JeroenVollenbrock said: Homey does support auto-routing. Please keep in mind that the healing process starts after a devices becomes unavailable and takes some time, during which the device remains unavailable. Battery-powered devices…
  • IMHO, it would help to discover and troubleshoot these kind of problems when there would be a activity log available with (msec) timestamps so you can see which device is doing what when the system hangs (or to troubleshoot why your flow doesn't wor…
  • Top, bedankt (ook namens het thuisfront ;-))
  • Het thuisfront is er ook blij mee, alleen waar ze dan weer minder blij van worden is als er vanaf 03:45 snachts 2x per minuut een oude melding te horen krijgen   kan je er voor zorgen dat dat niet meer voor kan komen ? alvast bedankt!