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  • I've tried to add the FGS-222 relay switch to Homey. Press the button on the switch 3 times the moment the Fibaro app tells me to do so. Nothing happens. The wall plugs connect fine, the motion sensors connect fine, only the relay switches don't. Th…
  • Got the download eventually. Fibaro wall plugs all went without any problem. The sensors I managed to add too. The relay switches -not in the Fibaro app- are more of a problem. I can't add them as regular Z-Wave devices. The system only recognises i…
  • JurgenHuijbregts said: missing lots of, for myself needed devices, like  Fibaro relay switch FGS221 Universele binaire sensor FGBS-001 and FGBS-321 Well that meens more waiting.... I thought the new (hopfully) upcomming update would meen Pl…
  • @Caseda: yes I did
  • 6 reboots and still no update. Disabling auto update and searching for updates manually doesn't work either. 
  • 3 reboots so far and no update yet.......
  • Emile said: novaflash said: JPe: not that I'm by no means an expert on Homey, but, I've found that X-10 radio frequency is 433MHz, and Homey does have a transceiver for 433MHz on-board. So in theory, it could learn the signal and trans…
    in X-10 Comment by RogierVanWijk April 2016