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My homey will not have a home soon

KenPetersKenPeters Member
edited February 2016 in Archive
Received my homey today. when through the setup with no issues and trained the "OK homey" pretty easily ,it is at this point things started to go wrong 
Homey will not respond to any voice commands,  it recognises "OK homey" and the light goes orange and then white as its doing the voice recognition but nothing happens it just returns to the rainbow.
This is with the built in commands for the time etc or with any flows I have set up (they work fine using the testing button)
I have tried a full reset and no joy.


  • ReneBoeijeReneBoeije Member
    edited February 2016
    I have exactly the same. I also added KAKU, when I click on 'test' in the flow, it does work, but that's it. It does respond by rotating white light on some commands, but then returns to the color wheel.
    Also the built in commands do not work. It never responds by voice. (Ok homey, whats the time, weather, play song by etc.) I had a request to play a song at a certain time as test flow, and it started 10 minutes after the set time. Just as I type this, 'Oops, could not connect to the server'. But I did not give any command for the last couple of minutes.

    Adding a IR remote does not work either. The led ring goes off, but whatever I press or repeat, on any IR remote, it does not seem to recognise anything.

    For KAKU, it does not recognuse the 'old style' remotes. (My hous is full of them, I only have a few 'new style' versions.)

  • I just unbricked my Homey and now I have the same issue.
    Homey can't talk to me and also it doesn't recognise my speech.

    When I trigger a flow by time, to set the ledring, it works perfectly. But when I add a speech card, Homey stays quit.
  • Do you see a red triangle in the voice card when pressing the test button in the flow editor?
    Had the same last night after a "terminal rescue" after bricking homey. 
    I think it had something to do with the default voice not being completely downloaded. 
    After I switched to dutch and selected a dutch voice homey started talking. 
    Maybe if you do the same or select a different english voice it fixes it. 
  • TheoDeKoningTheoDeKoning Member
    edited February 2016
    May be this bug is still in place:

    "The voice Nicole is not a real one. It is a copy of the last chosen one. Thus Nicole can talk like Brian. "

    Or your hear nothing because there is no copy voice.

  • Nope. But when I use the voice card, it does do speech. Funny enough, while playing I downloaded and selected a female voice, but it played the speech in the male voice. All of a sudden, it started playing the same song that was in the flow I named above. No relation to to the time it was meant to start playing.
    I think somebody already asked if there was a way to see what time it is in homeys opinion, and it was not possible.
    I also notice, that when me and my wife have a converstion, homey responds by changing the color wheel to yellow, the brightness varies with our voice. But we did not do any trigger command. I did the learning again by OK <name of my wife>, but it still responds to anything after 'OK'.
  • EmileEmile Administrator, Athom
    I've fixed these speech output issues in 0.8.18 :)
  • Still on 0.8.17... Rebooting. If you reboot on the settings/geek menu, you get a popup '[object [object]'. Hope it will install 8.18 after reboot finished.
  • AthomeyAthomey Member
    edited February 2016
    Still on 0.8.17... Rebooting. If you reboot on the settings/geek menu, you get a popup '[object [object]'. Hope it will install 8.18 after reboot finished.
    Will be fixed in 0.8.18, see
  • I just unbricked my Homey and ...
    Top :)
  • rebooted still 8.17  :'(
  • Logical it's still at 0.8.17, there is no .18 yet!
  • 8.17 isn't released yet. 
  • .18 ;)
  • UrandayUranday Member
    edited February 2016
    I can be a foster parent to give it a home... 
  • Yeah,  slip of the finger ;)
  • Moek said:
    8.17 isn't released yet. 
    picky   ;)
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