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Sonos flow not under control

tonvos6tonvos6 Member
edited September 2017 in Questions & Help

Homey Firmware: 1.5.1
Sonos app: 2.3.0


I have several sonos speakers in my house.

In a flow the sonos speaker A is selected, but strange things are happened.

What happened:
  • speaker A is not on, but another one, for example Speaker B. The speaker B play the playlist or
  • speaker A goes on and also anotherone, for example speaker B. The speaker B play the playlist and speaker A play something different from the speaker A history.

I do not control it.

What does my flow look like?

  • Set active speaker: speaker A
  • Set the volume: Speaker A
  • play: Speaker A
  • play playlist

Does anyone know a solution?

Regard Ton


  • I'm no Sonos/Music user but Better is to post a screenshot how your flows look, from saying a flow is hard to determine if something is wrong there
  • I have updated my first message!
  • RdWRdW Member
    i'm experiencing the same problem. just two sonos speakers. one connect Amp and a play 1. playlists are (at random??) played on the wrong speaker.

    today i set up a xiaomi cube as a controller for my connect Amp. the oddest thing occurred. 

    play/pause and volume up/down work as programmed on the connect amp.
    met/last song are consequently executed on the play 1. except my flow specificaly sends these commands to the connect amp. 
  • I have the exact same with two speakers. It just plays on the wrong speaker or uses the wrong playlist
  • RdWRdW Member
    I’ve Made an issue on Github.

  • Sounds like this issue which was created a long time ago. Did u check for excisting issues about this?
  • RdWRdW Member
    edited July 2018
    As I am fairly new to github, No, I did not. Now I see issue 19 (closed) Seems the same. Obviously having the most up to date Stable versions of homey & sonos app, the issue isn’t closed for me. ??

    edit: I wasn’t aware of the issue that you linked to. Issues can be merged.
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