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Hi All,

First my big thanks for creating this big project, it really looks promising and can't wait to receive mine :)

I want to tell something about gigaset-elements. I have one at my home and it's a, cloud based, security product. They have sensors for doors, windows, movement. Also they have a sirene and a IP camera.

I am not promoting the product, for me it works and I am happy with it, for others look and read for yourself.

What I want to tell is that, in my mind, they can be greatly used for homey as well. Gigaset didn't come with a public api yet. But others already reversed engineered it. On github there is already a working cli tool to connect. (They use open standards like oauth and an ssl rest interface). Also Gigaset themselves pronounces an api for partners.

The events the system produce can be greatly used for homey itself, like door open, window open, movement in room x detected and vice versa homey can set the alarm to a defined alarm setting (like home, away or custom defined).

Anyway it's something I am planning to do when my homey arrives, but I type this message because maybe you guys want to look into it as well.

Anyway, keep up the great work.




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