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How to connect a HEMA switch and use it in the Flow Editor

EmileEmile Administrator, Athom
edited January 2016 in Archive
@Robert and @DennisH made a short video to show how to pair a HEMA socket switch, and use it in the Flow Editor. You guys might like it :-)


  • Video isn't working.
    The "video" is a img with url "" and on the Athom Youtube Channel i can't find a new video.
  • honeyhoney Member
    edited January 2016
    This is the correct address:

  • EmileEmile Administrator, Athom
    Haha oops, fixed
  • Not every video is publicly available without the link.

    Can work it back from the Video ID:
  • Great video!! <3

    (I also tried to find the UniqueIdentifier, but couldn't find the video)
  • Nice work!
    Verry good example video for beginners.
  • But how can we turn on and off the switch? Without a flow.
  • You can do that by using voice (and the name of the switch), or by the mobile app, in which the switch will be shown after pairing ;)
  • Okay thanks! 
  • Just wondering, if you have an endpoint with multiple sockets (like a z-wave outlet with multiple sockets), can you then specify what's occupying every single socket? (In my case, I use greenwave outlets with 6 independently switchable sockets that show up after pairing the main z-wave device)
  • +1 for your effort and new videos <3
  • Nice video, looks really smooth :smile:  *thumbs up*
  • Good to see the Homey working!! :)
  • Might I suggest creating a "How-to" categorie so when more of these appear, we can find them a bit more easily?
  • We are indeed working on that, @RobValk ;

  • Slickslickslickslick!
  • Thanks for the video,
    So there are more parts supported of the hema then just the socket, also remote and switches are supported. Can someone @Athom add those in the app store on the right or start a wiki as asked a lot for?
    Users of HEMA devices, can you share part numbers/ types here?

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