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  • A reboot will fix it temporary for 1 or 2 days.
    Do you need a logfile again ?

  • Yes please if you can try again when it happens. But wondering if it is specific to the bulb, because I have a similar problem with a HUE motion sensor not reporting in af 1 to 2 days. A restart of Homey brings it back to life again
  • bvdbosbvdbos Member
    edited March 2018
    The error looks like a general zigbee error:

  • Thx @bvdbos

    @mversluis could you also send a log to Athom and add a comment and log id in the github issue mentioned by @bvdbos?
  • log send to you :-)
    The unique log ID is: 7e7088c3-0cec-4710-abdc-cafbd9dde4db
  • Stupid question , how do I send a log to athom with comment ?
  • lubbertkramerlubbertkramer Member
    edited March 2018
    mversluis said:
    Stupid question , how do I send a log to athom with comment ?
    Log can be send from Homey but @kasteleman is referring to add the log id you get in a comment on github where you can also give additional information 
  • and again, i did not receive anything!
  • and again, i did not receive anything!

    Can't explain it , cause I push the button and receive a acknowledge and ID.
    Do you have a alternative way ?

    Thanks Marco 
  • Did you send it from within the apps page? Looks to me you only created a system log
  • Did you send it from within the apps page? Looks to me you only created a system log

    jij ongelovige :D
  • This is the third time I pressed the button in app page ( with alt combination )
  • Top, that’s the way! But again nothing received 
  • Strange
    what is the homey exact doing ( collecting logfiles and send it via mail or ftp or something else ??) 
  • Today I added the missing BY xxx devices and the newly released RGBW Led strip (FL 130 C). Now awaiting approval for the App Store 
  • bvdbos said:
    The error looks like a general zigbee error:

    Today I mentioned that not only Innr Lights are not working , but the door sensors and multi sensor from xiaomi are even not working. 

    Its seems like a general ZigBee error 
    After rebooting Homey , all devices will work for a short time 
  • System log send to Athom?
  • Version 1.0.8 is available in the App Store with support fot the BY xxx bulbs and the RGBW Ledstrip
  • Folks - I am trying to setup 2 sets of 3 GU10 tunable innr in my hallway. I can pair the bulbs correctly but out of the 6 lights, only 4 seems to pair. In each of the two lamps I have 1 GU10 that stays on at 100% all the time ignoring my flows.

    Any thoughts as to why this is happening and how to fix it?
  • I'm a little confused regarding what you stated:

    It is not clear to me, if you can pair all the bulbs. You say 4 out of 6?

    Regarding ignoring the flows: Do you use several bulbs in the flow?
    If so, it is know that not all the commands always get to the bulbs. This is a issue that Athom is investigating and is not App related but Athom Zigbee related.
  • I can only pair 4 out of 6. I first installed all 6 lights then went through the pairing. 1 device controls 4 lights.

    If I pair bulbs one by one (ie I install a bulb and go through the pairing) i have the same issue.

    The bulbs are all switched on from the same switch. Any recommendations?
  • Switched from the same switch? Please tell that switch does not cut the power on the 4 lights...
    Never had any problems pairing the GU10. Have 5 in one device. Added them one by one. Did you reset them before pairing like the procedure described? How far are the bulbs from Homey?
  • Switched from the same switch? Please tell that switch does not cut the power on the 4 lights...
    It is a light rail with 6 GU10 bulbs. All 6 bulbs are triggered by a single switch.

    I did reset them before pairing and I placed homey right underneath the bulbs, less than 2m away.
  • Triggered by a switch sounds good, because then you don’t cut power in the bulbs. Do you have a seperate socket available for a gu10, so you can try to include the bulbs you did not manage to include seperately? How close are the bulbs to each other?
  • The bulbs are roughly 10cm to each other. I could try the GU10 on separate sockets. Will try and get to it later in the week.
  • crunixcrunix Member
    Unfortunately didn't work. I am returning the Innr bulbs. I will try to run the same with Philips hue and check if behavior is the same
  • edited June 2018
    Does the new innr plug SP120 have power/energy metering? 
    The Homey shop says it does but i can't find any mention of it on the INNR site.

    Edit: I just bought one of these plugs and YES it has power/energie metering  in Homey!
    Good deal for this price and also a very small plug, nice...
  • percatopercato Member
    edited June 2018
    Hi, is an Innr smart bulb RB145 supposed to work with Homey without any bridge? I have bought a RB145 today but my Homey cant pair it. "no device found". Please help!
    Thanks in advance?
  • It should pair with Homey without bridge! Try a reset procedure for the bulb and then try to pair it again. If that does not work, try a reboot of Homey.
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