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Start a flow does not show drop down list of flows

rvowrvow Member
edited April 2018 in Questions & Help
If I place a card to start a flow in the Then column, I do not get a drop down list of flows to choose from, even after 30 seconds of waiting.

If I use a card to enable or to disable a flow, I get a drop down list of flows in 2 seconds.
Am I doing something wrong?
My Homey firmware is 1.5.8.


  • Create a second flow with a card This flow is started.

    then create / finish the first flow that starts the second flow.
  • rvowrvow Member
    That worked. Thank you!
    If we could choose directly that could save some flows.

    Is there a speed or stability reason to be economical with the number of flows? Working with the SETS and STATE CONTROL apps quickly creates multiple small flows to perform a single task
  • More a personal reason.
    As in, if you have 100+ flows that list would be really really long
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