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Calculate a time and store as variable to send as text/or speech output.

Hi all,

I've the following case of which I cannot find how to do this in Homey (is it possible?):

Based on Google Maps duration and the current time, I would like to calculate the ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) and send this to our Telegram group. In the morning, I've programmed Homey to report the travel time until a certain station on a regular interval until we leave the house. This to ensure my partner does not miss her train and has to wait half an hour on the station when I drop her off ;) 

However, instead of just telling us how many minutes it would take to reach the station (default Google Map duration reportage), giving us the ETA is much more informative.

With Better Logic and MathJS I'm able to calculate the timestamp $timenow$ + (google maps duration * 60), but I have not figured out how to convert this time back into a human readable format. Is this somehow possible in Homey?


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