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Show Zones as Folders in Flow / Categorize Flows with multiple selections

OliverOliver Member
edited February 2018 in Ideas & Suggestions

currently i am creating my flows for my new homey.

Most flows are especial for one zone.
Therefore i hab to create all zones as folders.

On the other side i had different flows. User interactive, Triggered, Time based.
There is no possibility to categorize them.

If i want to differ them by zone it is more difficult.

The idea is, that every flow can have multiple categories.
Maybe it is a nice feature, when alls zones are automatically available in the Flow-Folders maybe under Root-Folder "Zones".
Or every zone is automatically a category.

When searching for a flow, i can search using the category.

I have about 100 devices that i have to connect to homey, and even more flows.
It would be much confusing, when i only can sort them by folder.


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