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Homey multiroom lightfixture

pascalpascal Member
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I have pre-order the homey and I am looking for a way to use homey in multiple rooms without having to buy multiple homeys or plugin old smartphones with ugly cables etc.

Would it be an idea to create a microphone + speaker that is connected to Homey and can be screwed in a lightfixture? That way you can give orders to homey and homey can talk balk (homey knows which extender has send the command).

Now this is a simple chinese version but similar to what I mean. Except use wifi for the connection and add a built-in microphone.


  • This topic is adressed in multiple posts already.  I think Emile advised to use a simple cellphone which has the homey app and is set to 'always listen'.
  • I have read those posts. And like I mention in my post I am not to keen on plugin in old smartphones and just lay them around with cables hanging etc.

    I know I can build in tablet in walls but that way I have to renovate my home. A solution like mentioned by me is clean and simple.
  • I don't have a light fixture like that available everywhere. 
    And even if I did, I wouldn't want to install a light like that in it. :smile: 
    To me, the best solution would be a small device you can plug in and put on a shelf somewhere, like a miniature Homey. 
  • nice idea! a mini-homey as a expandable multiroom device for homey! 
  • 50% on topic: @Emile I would love it to invert the up-side-down-reset feature. Is this possible in the future? My house has no lights on the ceiling at the central light boxes, so I would LOVE to place Homey up-side-down on the ceiling. Would solve the WAF too.
  • It was just a sugestion. Many people do have lightfixtures like that. But easily you can use something like this or this. Or replace a excisting light in a floor lamp.

    The idea is to have a homey lite in another room.

  • This topic is adressed in multiple posts already.  I think Emile advised to use a simple cellphone which has the homey app and is set to 'always listen'.
    what will that mean for battery drain?

    Would adding a IR to it be a good idea for the appliances in the other rooms? I love the idea of homey knowing which extension the command comes from. More info for homey to work with. Nice one.
  • I'm with you guys: I am very interested (in fact ready to order) but:
    1) The Homey should be in my living room for the IR stereo and as a conversation piece.
    2) I want to use spoken commands like "go to sleep, wake me up at 7" in the bedroom.
    An old phone always listening ... might work but doesn't "do" it for me.
    The "lightbulb solution or Homey assistant" certainly would (up to about €50...€100)!
    Adding IR might be a good idea (even if I don't need it myself, many others might).
    Spending €600 on 2 Homeys is stretching things a bit too far.......
  • Would Athom share their algorithms for recognising the "Ok Homey" command, it should be quite trivial to create a fan-supported raspberry pi image (or just a simple daemon) that accepts commands and relays response audio back. Homey already has API methods to accomplish the remote interfacing as far as I know. They use those in their own app.
  • I'd like to see a wired solution, reason being that this thing is (likely) in the bedroom and having a WiFi access point next to your head 8 hours per day (365 day per year) does not sound healthy, same goes for a cellphone
    Pricewise, €100 is too much IMHO (multiple Homey's is out of the question)  
    Imagine having this in all your rooms, I have 5 besides the living room, 6 if you count the kitchen seperately  

    Ideally I'd like Athom to create/share an API to build this ourselves through an Arduino/RPi etc.
    maybe mentioning specific hardware items (HAT's?) 
    For the technically challenged a ready made device could be developed and/or sold as a "KIT" 
    together with an pi image @Joolee mentioned.. that would be awesome :smile:   
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