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[APP] Aggregated insights

exeldroexeldro Member
edited January 2018 in Apps
Because i have devices that log every few seconds and the insights take forever to load, I made an app to aggregate insight logs.

I'm not a javascript developer so by trail and much errors i made this app:


  • cbhcbh Member
    Very interesting - would love to see it - unfortunately, the app crashes...
    Something with running fw 1.5.6-rc.7, perhaps? Error message include a DeprecationWarning (
  • @cbh Bug found and fixed.
  • I changed som things:
    • require log after period to be sure to have all logs to aggregate
    • added a option to recalculate an aggregated insight
    • added support for averages with end period logging
  • Version 0.0.3
    added support log position per aggregated log
    removed the need to set a bearer token
  • exeldroexeldro Member
    edited January 2018
    submitted and published version 0.0.5
    • more user feedback on settings page
    • display date and time in local format
    • fix bug not getting logs on first start
    • add median aggregation
    • fix undefined logs

  • submitted version 0.1.0
    • use events and promises instead of polling every 10 seconds
    • fix difference and median aggregation
    • add flow triggers and actions
  • Great app! In fact, it should be incorporated in the standard Homey functionality if you ask me. How about looking at integrating RRD functionality in it? I think it would make a lot of sense given the limited storage on Homey.

    I have a couple of parameters I like to track over long periods which is eating up all storage space on Homey. For instance overall power use of my home, I don't need to know the data for last year on a per-minute basis, but I would like to keep daily/weekly/monthly/yearly averages.

    If such data could be stored in a round-robin database, it would save space without losing insight. There are node js RRD libraries around, although I haven't looked at how easy they would be to use.
  • The problem i have is with the current api I can not delete part or entry of an insight log, only the complete log.
    I want to be able to replace old logs with aggregated logs, but I haven't found a way to do it yet.
  • I don't see any option in the sdk documentation either. I have cross-posted to, @Robert of Athom was working on Insights enhancements, and was asking for input. Given the limited storage on Homey it makes a lot of sense to aggregate data in various ways, depending on the type of data. :+1:
  • version 0.1.1 is available
    • delete abandoned aggregated logs on startup
    submitted version 0.1.2
    • refresh available logs when adding or deleting an aggregated log
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