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[Beta users requested] Honeywell Lyric Thermostat

nklerknklerk Member

I made a Honeywell Lyric Thermostat app and i am looking for testers.
Please leave me a note if you want to test my app.


  • Hi, I would like to test the Lyric app. Using the thermostat at home
  • Hi, I own a Honeywell Lyric and I will buy a Homey this month. So if you still need testers let me know
  • Sorry guy's i didn't turn on alerting and didn't got any message that this topic was replied to.
    I'm afraid that i can't publish the app. I've been trying to contact Honeywell for months and finally got a API representative. he promised me a unlimited API but never provided it to me. This means i can't publish my app as the current key i'm using is limited to 1 api call every x minutes. even though it works perfect for me, i can;t deliver enything until the key limitations are lifted.
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