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Project :Presence - have room assistant installed and working on Pi and serving MQTT Broker on Homey

dd3ukdd3uk Member
So I figured Id try and get a Raspberry Pi zero to start working as a remote detector. IF it works in conjunction with a USB temp gauge and some sort of IR input I could have a number of these at a cost much lower than buying devices... and as it supports Bluetooth in a way that can tell you how close someone is in effect you can have real room by room presence and know who!

so in MQTT broker I can look at logs and see tons of messages from room assistant (bluetooth beacons I assume) is the app I have working on the Pi...

what I now need is to understand how I can get homey to use these inputs I can see in MQTT?

I started out trying to use presence app and bluetooth bluez as previously described but wasn't getting anywhere, the node install instructions were problematic,  I googled and think I sorted that. then the presence-tracker threw a problem installing, so Im wondering if theres anything Im missing in the apps we can use?.....Im just trying to looking at home assistant to see if that could help but until then thought id throw this out to the community for suggestions.

thanks in advance


  • [quote] how I can get homey to use these inputs I can see in MQTT[/quote]

    Personally i'd use Homey's MQTT Client app, depending on your needs a NODE-RED sulution would also be an aoption 
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