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Installation Homey Desktop App on Windows 10 failed !!

PeGePeGe Member
edited September 2017 in Questions & Help
I try to install the Homey app on my desktop PC, i get the message "Homey installation failed"
My PC is new ( 2 months old) on a 5 years old pc is installation no problem ?!?! (both Windows 10)
What is wrong ??


  • GeurtDijkerGeurtDijker Member
    edited September 2017
    Hi PeGe, Welcome on the Forum!
    That is not much information you give, that makes it difficult to help you.
    There are not much prerequisites for installing that app afaik.
    Did you download the App on the new PC ? 
    You should download the latest (HomeySetup-v1.0.3.exe) from
    Can you give more information on  what goes wrong? Screenshots, Maybe an error Log etc. 

    As some may be confused expecting you have a problem installing Homey self I Rename this Topic.

    For a workaround You could install Chrome on your new PC 
    and navigate with Chrome to

  • CyberSponkCyberSponk Member
    edited September 2017
    Try to install as full Administrator: Move Mouse over Install-File, Right-Klick, Run as Administrator. If an error occured please report here. If successfull please report also here.
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