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Nest Cam support

will Homey support the Nest Camera?


  • swtttswttt Member
    Would love this as well, but looked at the nest api a while back. They didn't support a way in their api to watch the stream. I do think the motion and sound trigger were supported.

    Would be nice if Athom could contact Nest and create a closed source driver for the nest cam, but I doubt they ever will.
  • swtttswttt Member
    edited June 2016
    Just found this:
    Snapshot on demand
    Use this field to get a snapshot from the live video stream.
    • snapshot_url - returns the URL of an image captured from the live video stream
    • Requires that the camera is on and actively streaming
    Rate limits
    When you make a call to get the snapshot_url, we apply these rate limits:
    • 2/minute for cameras that do not have Nest Aware with Video History subscription
    • 10/minute for cameras that have a Nest Aware with Video History subscription
    In other words, paying users could get an image every 6 seconds. Non-paying could get an image refresh of 30 seconds. But still no stream possible.

    EDIT: And ofcourse the ip camera part of homey isn't done yet. Still on their trello timeline btw. So if they would add nest cam to their nest app now. I think their isn't away to view the snapshots just yet.
  • jeroenbos22jeroenbos22 Member
    edited June 2016
    That sucks, with my elro cams I can make as much screenshots as I want, now use 10 / sec to create a video stream... For free :wink: 
  • swtttswttt Member
    Ye the nest cam is a bit overpriced. But it works really good, the only thing they should upgrade is their flash browser viewer (if they still use that, didn't use the browser to check for a while) and their api to get a live stream.
  • The new Nest app needs aproval, but it should support the Nest Cam once its done :)
  • deweyfosterdeweyfoster Member
    edited September 2017
    When it will done? I want to try it because I have tired of playing with old version of this app
  • Is it really in approval status for 2,5 month ?!
  • Small update: I asked Robin what the status if of the integration of the Nest Cam. Right now the implementation is almost done, Emile is currently looking at it to see if it's completely done. After that we can ask Nest for approval (They are supposedly really strict when it comes to approving an app). If I hear anything new I will post it here  
  • @Bram, any update on this.  Interested in timelines and supported features as I'm about to invest in CCTV and working out whether to go with IP cameras to an NVR or Nest cameras. Thanks
  • Hi @rabell we are still awaiting response from Nest. We also need to wait until the new mobile app is released to integrate the Nest cam. More information about our roadmap you can find here: 
  • Is there any update on this, I recently acquired a Nest outdoor camera and would really be great to be able to include this in my flows when its triggered for example?
  • Its Nest that keeps things closed off, I understand. I love the Nest stuff, but the CAMs are just no use with Homey.
    Now I read that through the Nest developer site (free to make account), you can share a secured stream of your Nest Cam.
    Shoudnt Homey be able to tap into that it you could give it the credentials to do so?

    I dont know if this helps, I aint good enough at programming yet....

  • lubbertkramerlubbertkramer Member
    edited May 2018
    Bram said:
    Hi @rabell we are still awaiting response from Nest. We also need to wait until the new mobile app is released to integrate the Nest cam. More information about our roadmap you can find here: 
    Any update on this matter now we are 5 months waiting for the response of Nest?
  • sillence on the overkant
  • AardAard Member
    Any news on this?
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