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Tado thermostat



  • bvdbosbvdbos Member
    edited July 2017
    To be clear: You can't control Thermosmart without an internet connection but the programming of schedules is saved in the device so even without connection the schedules (programmed through the Themosmart app) are run on correct times. On top of that you can set temperatures with Homey as long as you have a connection.
  • swtttswttt Member
    Worth a check on Tado's side tho...all i can find is that you still are able to control it manually. And the Tado uses the highest known schedule value as default when no internet is available. 
  • To bad that the tado app is still not working.
    Any chance of an update @HellHound ?

  • @Tim_Brass still working on it.. beside the authentication, Tado also changed the authorization (token). So it's a little more work as I had hoped. This means I have to change every function call to Tado.
  • Thanks for letting me know @HellHound :) Does the new api also bring new features for developers?
  • @tweaqer as far as I know, not really. They just changed the way how they handle authentication and authorization. Tado have still not made a public API, so it's basically guessing and looking at the official web & mobile app data.

    A good rundown of the (known) API functions (and changelog) is available on

  • Btw, thanks for the donations guys, really appreciate it. Hopefully the summer holidays will release some pressure from my work stuff, so I can make some decent time for the Tado app!
  • @HellHound
    Any chance for Smart Radiator Thermostats could be supported?
  • I'm unable to add the device. Anyone else with this problem?
  • AmelsfortAmelsfort Member
    edited August 2017
    Same here. I just installed my Tado and when I try to add it to Homey, it takes a while and then I get a message Homey is offline.

    Updating to 1.5 doesn't make a difference.
  • EDVEDV Member
    App seems to be still broken, Is there ever going to be a new update to fix this?
    On version 1.5 and on stable release
  • Hi guys,

    Did anyone tried to control Todo via amazon alexa commands?
    I am currently developing Alexa skill sets, and sending commands to Alexa account with Tado app enable can be a good work around.

    I do not yet own a Homey but looking into it combined with a Tado multiroom setup.

    @HellHound is the code for the Homey app open available for development?

  • This is the Github page:
    (All apps are open source unless you have a reason not to)

    Don't know if he'll accept Pull Requests though.
  • The Tado app does not work on Homey but you might be still interested in this:

    Super sale of Tado TRVs (Radio Thermostats). They are usually £55-60.
    Now they are £34.99 on amazon:

    They are out of stock now but you can still order them on this price. You can buy maximum 3pcs per account.
    When I bought the first set they still had stock, but is popular so when I ordered the second set an hour later they run out of stock but they will still deliver it at a later date.
  • @stefanp the code is completely open and can be modified as you see fit. 

    @RobinVanKekem I'll happily merge pull requests from anyone.

    I've been contacted by Athom due to the complaints, and they have offered to take over the development of the Tado app. Although this has not yet been fully confirmed, they are looking in to it.

    Due to the fact that my regular work situation has not improved, I'll only be able to do the full rewrite as of October.

    But because of the complaints I'll make an effort to fix the authentication issue by 11/09, at the latest.
  • Thx @HellHound for all your work Untill now. 

    Great to Hear that athom will take this App. 
  • It is 12/9 now, Is there any idea when the fix can be implemented?
    app still has the authentication issue.
  • GerritKoolGerritKool Member
    edited September 2017
    I've been following this discussion for a while, I am in possession of radiator thermostat buttons. My question is what's going to happen right now, is there a new app and if so, is it with radiator thermostat buttons?
  • EDVEDV Member
    Is this app ever going to be updated to work again? or will it stay dead forever? 
  • @EDV Did you read @Hellhound's last message?
    * Maybe Athom takes over
    * He was going to do an effort before September 11th
    * He wouldn't have time before October
  • EDVEDV Member
    * Maybe Athom takes over (Still not confirmed)
    * He was going to do an effort before September 11th (didn’t happen)
    * He wouldn't have time before October (now it is october)

    Why is it so hard to just post some info about the status, Then we have some idea when it maybe will work again.
  • lubbertkramerlubbertkramer Member
    edited October 2017
    EDV said:
    * Maybe Athom takes over (Still not confirmed)
    * He was going to do an effort before September 11th (didn’t happen)
    * He wouldn't have time before October (now it is october)

    Why is it so hard to just post some info about the status, Then we have some idea when it maybe will work again.
    @HellHound Will answer when he has time, don't forget he does this in his spare time for free. You can always help him and do a PR on the app update the code so that he only needs to approve or when you can't code just do a donation to motivate the developer to help out users :)

    Don't forget it's a community app and not a Athom app so Athom has no obligations and will remove or maybe update the app when it stops working but for that you need to contact Athom by
  • JonJon Member
    Any news or update? @HellHound
  • SjoerdSjoerd Member
    edited October 2017
    I'm disappointed to read that the Tado app still isn't working. Although credits to the app developer, doing it in his spare time, I bought my Homey because it would work with the Tado. Homey even advertises with it. Now I only use Homey to turn on the lights when the sun sets :(
    I hope there will be Tado support soon.
  • please @Athom take the tado app an make it working!! @Bram could you please ask your developers or/and @Emile if it is possible? Thanks!
  • Unfortunately after the last update of Athom still many problems.
    See for more info on the App in the app store.
    We're going to wait for better.
  • 2Be2Be Member
    edited October 2017
    In the changelog of Slack (don't know anymore) Athom state's that expanding or fixing the app further is difficult for them since they don't have a Tado. However on this (dutch) forum Tado replied that Athom could contact them to see what Tado could do for Athom.
  • i hope the tado app will be like the other thermostatapps quickly repaired completly
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