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apps regualy randomly are crashing

since a few days (nothing is changed) several random apps seem to be crashing without any reason.

Eachtimne it are other apps.
I have to press restart of the app and then it works again.

Is there any way to get to know why these apps are crashing and to fix this?


  • same here a lot of people suffering from this,some say it is the memory,i say bull shit,here apps crashing with a system of 200 mb,and i think it is not a priority for athom
    the best thing is to use candy for automaticly restart of a crashed app,make a flow so that there is a gap of 5 min between the crashing of the app and the restart
  • B3rtB3rt Member
    is there an app to restart crashed apps?

  • glijieglijie Member
    after a few days same problems here to...restart homey solves the problem for a few days 
  • swtttswttt Member
    Would be nice to post the stacktrace (error messages when clicked on the exclamation mark).
    It can happen because of a memory leak in some app, have seen an example of someone who created a loop in a flow that made BL crash all the time. Or you guys have just bad luck and encountered some bugs in various apps.

    But to have an idea what may have caused this, a stracktrace is needed :)
  • B3rtB3rt Member
    sadly this app does not work, had several crashes but this app simply does nothing, no restart etc....
    Also this app itself has crashed a few times.

    I will look for stacktrace the nexttime
  • bvdbosbvdbos Member
    You mean candy-app? This does work perfectly... Did you enter your bearer-token (or some call it API-token) in the settings?
  • B3rtB3rt Member
    edited July 2017
    yes i mean the candy app and yes i entered my bearer-token in candy app settings.

    Had several crashes but this app never did anything.
    The flow which i created to restart a crashed app also has a action to report me that the app is restarted, unit now never received any message and i had to restart every app manually.

    Installed this about 1 week ago, had at least 20 app crashes the last week and none of them where restarted or reported by the candy app.
    flow looks like:
    if: (candy card) app crashed
    then: (candy card) Restart app by ID (use ID tag of IF statement) + send push message to my iphone.

    As mentioned never did anything...
  • B3rtB3rt Member
    While i was typing responce i took a look if token was save i noticed again a crash (led collection this time), this was again not reported and the stacktrace looks like this:

    Stack trace:

    No stack trace available

    Exit code: null
    Exit signal: SIGKILL
  • swtttswttt Member
    First its not normal to have soo many app crashes, second it seems like a memory leak of some sort.
    You didn't created a loop in your flows by accident? (Seen that before)
  • B3rtB3rt Member
    nope, that i am aware off.
  • swtttswttt Member
    Would contact support for it, maybe you can copy paste all the apps you are running? Compare that to other users with a memory leak might point out where to look ;)
  • How many apps do you have installed and what memory usage does Homey  show? 
    Did you restart homey? And how long  after restarting homey does the problem  start?
  • B3rtB3rt Member
    running 28 apps, homey is last week restarted (due to this problem) but this does not make any difference.

    7.18 MB free of 511.54 MB , swap: 448.00 MB

    memory usage::

    • Systeem (449.42 MB)
    • Homey (285.90 MB)
    • ICY E-Thermostaat (24.34 MB)
    • Kodi (20.89 MB)
    • CountDown (19.53 MB)
    • Harmony Hub App (18.64 MB)
    • Net Scan (17.17 MB)
    • Better Logic (15.98 MB)
    • Smart Presence (14.69 MB)
    • Synology Surveillance Station (14.55 MB)
    • Candy (10.85 MB)
    • Weather Underground (10.17 MB)
    • HTTP request flowkaarten (9.52 MB)
    • Everspring (7.68 MB)
    • Aeotec (5.68 MB)
    • LED-Ring collectie (3.41 MB)
    • KlikAanKlikUit (2.83 MB)
    • Homey Logger (2.82 MB)
    • PoPP EU Z-Wave Producten (2.82 MB)
    • BeNext (2.37 MB)
    • IFTTT (1.84 MB)
    • Screensavers (1.77 MB)
    • Send SMS (1.45 MB)
    • Github (1.40 MB)
    • Pushover Notifications (1.37 MB)
    • Email versturen (1.31 MB)
    • Flow Backups (1.26 MB)
    • Pioneer (1.05 MB)
    • Virtuele Apparaten (913.41 kB)
    • Greenwave Systems (757.76 kB)

  • ok, the problem I guess is in one of the apps, 
    I am running more than 30  apps, 
    • Systeem (205.34 MB)
    • Homey (86.31 MB)
    • ...
    and less than 300 MB swap,

    I think (know) we are reaching Homey's  capability by installing more and more apps,
    That's why they give a warning above 16 apps.

    Maybe you have a BadApp that leaks memory, this could always bring Homey to kill Apps if it leaks enough. 
    Did you create an Issue in Github and send log (after Homey running for a couple of days and Apps Crashing)

    Maybe Athom can pinpoint to the BaddApp for you. (and remove that BadApp ;-) )
  • B3rtB3rt Member
    no did not create any issue on github, maybe i can send an support mail to athom.
    Github is not the corrct place to ask for general support is my opiniun, it is for reporting bug found in the code.

    Because i do not know if and where is a fault/bug i classify this under general support, dunno if this is correct.
  • B3rtB3rt Member
    today again 5 apps crashed, the candy app does nothing at all, a complete useless app for me.

    Waiting on a reply from athom support, hope they can help
  • lubbertkramerlubbertkramer Member
    edited July 2017
    Good question is also wich apps are crashing, only app store apps (from athom or community) or do you have any alpha/beta apps from the (community) running wich may give memory (memory leak) problems? 
  • B3rtB3rt Member
    app store no beta apps.
    And on all of them no stack trace, only SIGKILL

    Crashed this time where: betterlogic, countdown, present, flow backup and 1 more (which i don't remember)
  • swtttswttt Member
    You did checked your flows for possible loops?
    I have seen someone on Slack who had a loop in Better logic that might have overloaded the processor and crashed as well...Not that you are having a flow that runs with better logic, countdown and presence and that gets looped :D
  • B3rt said:
    app store no beta apps.
    And on all of them no stack trace, only SIGKILL

    Crashed this time where: betterlogic, countdown, present, flow backup and 1 more (which i don't remember)
    Great, it can't be flow backup  as this app has no code on homey runing at all. 

    It must be an other app that triggers Homey's OS  to do something to survive because of an memory problem somewhere  else. 
    Did you send logs and email the id to support?

    If you open Homey logger you can maybe see if flows loop or variables  that continually change....
  • B3rtB3rt Member
    i send a mail to support 2 days ago, stil no reply from them, waiting on athom to reply the support mail/ticket.
  • swtttswttt Member
    Great idea to check homey logger indeed <span>:open_mouth:</span>

  • B3rtB3rt Member
    did check logger, there is nothing 'strange' to see, no loops etc.

    Just 'normal' logs of devices and flows which are triggered, nothing strange to detect what would look like a flow error what could create a loop etc.
  • This just happened to me as well this evening. Rebooted and will monitor it for a while to see if it happens again.
  • B3rtB3rt Member
    Stil waiting for A response of athom support.. they autoreply that support respond in 2 days but after 4 days stil nothing....  Not that good support...
  • B3rtB3rt Member
    Hmmm support is not what i expected at all..

    Got a response from them after 4 days with an answer what is for me useless.

    They answered that this happens because the apps on homey use to much resourses and homey simply kills them.

    No solution whatsoever...

    Still have no idea which app is causing this

    Why no solution such as:
    - app X is causing problem
    - try to change this to fix it
    - Homey can only run 1 app, remove 27 apps
    - Homey is not suitable for 3th party apps etc etc

    Very disapointed in the support of athom.
  • bvdbosbvdbos Member
    strange thing is that this only seems to happen on your Homey, at least so often... So like @swttt said: somewhere there might be a loop. Can you do an readably export of your flows? I know you'll reveal your devices but we still don't know where you live etc so I guess there's not much harm...
  • B3rtB3rt Member
    I have i believe more then 50 flows, si not easy to make them 'readable', i can make an export using fow backups. 

    But again, don't believe this is a flow issue...

    AT the moment the last 2 days i had NO app crash (flows still running) but at the moment Homey is very very slow..
    When i try to open the settings menu and view the apps it takes almost 30 seconds to show them
    When i start logging it takes almost 1 minute before logging is visable, when running nothing is really happening.

    Other menu's have same problems, opening them (using app or chrome) take very long time.

    Just gave a reboot command, hope this will solve the problem of slow response.
  • bvdbosbvdbos Member
    edited July 2017
    As you seem to be the only one with these issues I'm almost convinced it's something at your side... I would start troubleshooting by disabeling some of the flows and see what happens then... For example, someone had similar issues a couple of weeks ago with the next flows:

    some-one left:

    set away-mode:

    When away-mode is set:

    That last one caused a loop which "saturated" Homey and caused apps to kill themselves.

    If there's a memory-leak of 5 bytes in node.js, this loop alone will quickly cause issues... Indeed I think it's no use to post the flowbackup-json, rather unreadable...

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