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Homey lost Athom cloud connection issue [fixed]

nteunissnteuniss Member
edited May 2017 in Questions & Help
Yesterday evening my Homey spoke to me and said something similar like: "No connection to server". When switching devices using the app on the iPhone it doesn't respond to anything. Using the webgui on its local lan IP address it works. Looks like it doesn't have connection to the Athom Cloud. I have checked the credentials and done a total reboot twice (via webgui and Pull the Plug method). Any thoughts how I can troubleshoot this incorrect time issue?



  • go into reset mode, and do the update in there (asked automatically), you can still keep your data
  • Can you check  the time of Homey on the Settings - System.
    Most likely time or date  is off.
    It should automatically get the correct time so not much you could do if time ever is incorrect .
    Is your Internet connection normal working? Did you reset your router? 
  • @GeurtDijker Yes the time seems to be off and my router is up and running without no issues. My firewall and IPS does not block anything from the Homey. 

    @caseda, I will try your advice
  • @caseda The only reset mode I can find is turning the Homey upside down for 10 sec. Is that what you are referring to? If so, doesn't that wipe everything?

  • @nteuniss ;
    that is the one i mean, in the reset it will first update to 1.0.2, since you have experimental checked
    then you will get the question if you want to keep your data or start fresh

    had the same issue and could keep the data just fine to get it fixed
  • Ok, that clarifies a lot. Rotated the Homey, Installed the update to 1.0.2 and selected the keep data feature and after the update the Homey got the correct time and is now connected to the Athom Cloud. Thanks for helping out here, much appreciated. 
  • Ok i had the same problem put even running on 1.3.0-rc.7
    The solution for me was that i did not assigned a ntp server in my DHCP scope, after assiging a NTP server i the DHCP scope the connection with the cloud came back.
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