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Automatic curtains

Hi everyone, 

It's time for a new project -> Automatic curtains! 

I have been browsing the forum and the internet a bit but I was wondering what kind of system you guys are using? I see there are alot of systems out there:

- Somfy (€319,- Somfy Irismo Elektrische Gordijnrail met afstandsbediening -
- Kalox (€200,- KALLOX SLIM GORDIJNSYSTEEM  incl. zwave module -
- Autogordijn (€380,- 4m incl. KaKu module -
- Forrest (€500+)
- Slide (Kickstarter project, shipping starts Q4 this year?)
- MOVE (€83,- Kickstarter project, works with existing rails - )

So the Forrest system is way too expensive.. My budget is below the €400,- range..
What would you recommend? Is the noise in real life really that loud for the Kalox system (as seen the videos)? 

Kind regards,


  • I have a Kalox system. It's loud, but not much louder then manuly closing the curtains.
  • anneanne Member
    I have ordered four slide units, fingers crossed  :# ;)
  • I have move... TOTAL RUBBISH... Sorry to ruin your hopes for a cheaper system..

    The spindle and spools are not fir for purpose and there is NO API .. no way to connect and have them perform anything faster than going and pulling the cord
  • I have Move as well and I do not agree with you @konradwalsh . They are not what I hoped for but they are not total rubish. The company behind it is a bit rubish. Promising things for the mobile app for over a year now and still no update...
  • JanHJanH Member
    Some remarks at the items above. I'm using two Moves for vertical curtains. They work quite ok, but it's at BT. Homey should once in the future be able to connect to Move, I hope. By-the-way, how about Homey and BT in general?
    For ordinary curtains I backed Slide and am still waiting (Move is not build for traditional curtains). Those guys promised compatibility with Homey in the near future. Let's wait and see....
  • jordenjorden Member
    @jjtbsomhorst I think the Teptron company is a bit rubbish is well. They showed on their website that they would ship another batch in 6 weeks if you ordered, so I did, been waiting for over a year now and they basically told me that they need to make a good cash flow before they can order new parts.... would not recommend ordering anything right now.

    As discussed on Slack, I have the Kallox rails lying around but did not like them at all. It might be that I'm not good with technical hardware stuff with my hands, but I was unable to make them move smoothly and make them stop at the end. I didn't even come so far to integrate the Fibaro zwave connection yet...
    I ordered a few Slide's so I hope that that features a better quality product. I have been in contact with them to get a prototype once the API is done so I can have a Homey app ready before they ship.
  • I use the several years. Today i connected the KAKU ASUN-650 to open and close the curtains. Works good.
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