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Support for Onkyo receivers



  • @wingie This new version has the "Input channel" correctly, however still have to create a readable version. Right now it just shows !SLI01 for example. Next update will feature a text version as well I think.
  • @BenM There are some sheets around that feature codes for Zone 2. Still have to look at that though.
  • wingiewingie Member
    edited March 2017
    @jorden , tested the latest github version and to get the mobile card updated i've removed the device and added it again (and now have to fix all my flows ;-) but that's no problem). It works perfectly only the volume slider is a little bit small now. Maybe two separate cards are a better idea. The changing of the input channels is really fast this way.

    I've also tried to use the tag "verander input" but don't know how to use this correctly, i'm trying to drag this tag to the "schakel naar input" card in the "dan" column but this doesn't seem to work. "verander input" looks more like a tag in which you can find the current input channel but not a variable which you can change to set input to a certain input channel.  

    Edit: was looking at the blue set volume tag and tried to set this with better logic and this worked, so i tried it with the "tekstuele variabele"   "verander input" and this worked as well so now i can set the variable to something different but how can i use this variable with the "schakel naar input" card? 

    Edit2: It looked in the flow editor that this was possible but after testing a red exclamation mark is shown with the message invalid characters in name. ;-(

    Made a screenshot:

  • @wingie might have to do with the exclamation mark in !SLI05. I am thinking about changing it to the readable name ("Tuner" for example).
  • @Jorden this approach sounds oke to me and maybe it's wise to add an extra card and keep the current "schakel naar input" card with the dropdown box and use the extra card to be able to place the tag "verander input"  in.  So users can choose which way to want to change the input channel.  And if this works it's only a copy and paste to add this functionality to the panasonic app ;-) B) o:)  
  • MennoMenno Member
    Wowwww since the onkyo app is updated to 1.1.0 (18 hours ago) I see every hour an check so it seems to keep the connection alive
  • @Menno that's probably a coincidence, it does disconnect somehow after a while and still need to put some work into detecting and reconnecting.
  • @jorden the app is working great for switching on and off together with the flows, but i recognized that the volume is not reacting when i higher the volume, the tags and the app stay the same. Do you recognize this also?
    i have a tx-nr656
  • Hi @jorden, Thanks for this app. its much appreciated.
    I have a question, it looks like the volume change trigger card isn't working, atleast for me. are you aware of an issue with this card?

    I am working on my NEEO app (allmost finished) and created a flow that when i change the volume on the receiver it's value gets updated on the NEEO remote as well. While testing the flow with the test button it works flawless. but it looks like the event never gets triggered when changing the volume.
  • Hi @jorden I found the issue.
    there is a type mismatch on the trigger card. 

    i did a github pull request. with the change. This is new to me so i hope it worked.
  • Thanks, that seems to be a good update. I'll update the app in the app store accordingly.
  • BenMBenM Member
    Hi, Jorden, have you figgerd something out yet for zone 2? My radio is only needed in zone 2 as I watch TV in zone 1 and there's no need for voicecontrole as all the remotes are there. Thx
  • @jorden does the latest update detect when the onkyo turns on? lately for me the app does not detect when the onkyo is on. In devices the onkyo stays greyed out on when i click on it it turns on..strange
  • spoellyspoelly Member
    versio 1.1.1 is not working well for me at the moment. When turning on the onkyo with a normal remote the onkyo app in homey does not detect that the onkyo is turned on.. so the mobile card stay greyed out.. al my flows with onkyo will not react because i check it the receiver is on.. 
  • BenMBenM Member
    Hi, @jorden.  Thank you very much for including zone2 functionality!!! It works like a charm. Nice present after my holidays. Keep up the good work
  • @BenM Good to hear! I was unable to test it but glad that it works for you :)
  • I have a TX-SR307 with no LAN option, is it possible to support the IR code's in the Onkyo App to support older models? I've tried to learn Homey the IR code for OFF/ON but no result. 
  • @janhomey I have not yet looked at infrared in the new Homey API yet, but this also is not my specialty so I will not make an app for that.
  • EternityEternity Member
    edited August 2017
    I have a Harmony Hub, which controls my (lan-less) Onkyo nicely. So, controlling a Onkyo receiver via third part IR transmitters, should work.

    BTW, controlling the receiver via the Homey Harmony App works (with the Candy App hack to keep it alive) too. 
  • I am happy with the integration of zone 2 I try to make a flow for volume up and down, but it is not working. The volume goes down, but not up ?
  • Maybe @BenM can confirm this bug, then I will have a look if I can find it :)
  • BenMBenM Member
    I will have a look when It am at home. Yesterday I had another problem. I'll post this also later on.
  • BenMBenM Member
    I have some strange stuff happening
    This flow:
    Triggers this flow too:

  • BenMBenM Member
    When I test this flow

    It works
  • And if you use a flow with power up +1? 
    I want to use my tablet with dashboard and made a virtuel switch. Volume down is working, but volume up Goes also down?! 

  • BenMBenM Member
    Indeed. This one is not correct, the volume goes also down:

  • BenMBenM Member
    Another thing:

    when I do the test it works perfect. When I speak to homey, he only does the first chart of te last colum. (only one time volume down, instead of 4 times)
  • walterwalter Member
    edited August 2017
    Maybe with a delay? 
    We wat for Jorden ;) 
  • jorden said:
    @Menno that's probably a coincidence, it does disconnect somehow after a while and still need to put some work into detecting and reconnecting.
    Did you already had some time investigating this further? Here the app works as it should until I kill the power (using kaku). I then need to restart the app itself before I can work with it again.
  • I am using an Onkyo TX-NR474, which should be supported. The receiver is detected (ip address is correct) but my receiver does not react on flow commands. Any tips how to debug this?
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